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Date Published: 04/29/10

“We never treated Governor Sylva for drug overdose” – New York Medical Center

by Obinna Osaro [citizen reporter, California


As the noise decibel in the political theater of Bayelsa State continue its inch towards overheating the national political discourse, the involved parties and affected personalities have become charged and spiked to aim directly at the jugular. This is as new information point to a November 23 rd 2009 publication by an internet medium which indicated the governor of Bayelsa State had been admitted to a medical center in New York and India for treatment for drug overdose – as incorrect and possibly sponsored.

According to the internet report, the governor of Bayelsa State, Governor Timipre Sylva had collapsed in Abuja owing to a cocaine overdose. The report continued to add that the governor was flown to New York for medical treatment at the St. Francis Medical Center located at Roslyn, New York and subsequently to India for further medical treatment at the Turning Point Medical Rehabilitation Center in Kolkata, India. He was supposedly flown to India for mental treatment.

However preliminary investigation conducted by an independent investigatory body [Transparency International] based in California, USA indicates that the Governor of Bayelsa State may have never been admitted at the two medical centers cited in the report. As gathered, the group, Transparency International [TI] contacted the two medical centers ~ St. Francis Medical Center [516 562 6000] and Turning Point Medical Rehabilitation Center [91 003 24123660] ~ to confirm whether the Governor Timipre Sylva was admitted to their medical care. And both medical centers confirmed never having admitted or having treated the governor of Bayelsa State for cocaine overdose and/or related illness.  

The Governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva has been caught up in the battle of his political career against his deputy governor, Ebebi and other political figures in Bayelsa State. He has been charged of grand scale corruption and of being a drug addict. Already rumors are abound of a move to initiate impeachment proceedings against the Timipre Sylva via the encouragement of the deputy governor, Ebebi to the members of the state assembly. It is recalled that Deputy Governor Ebebi played the principal role during the impeachment of the former governor of Bayelsa. Ebebi had served as the speaker of the state assembly during the impeachment period. Reports have it that he was rewarded for his role with the position of deputy governor.

Interestingly, sources close to the governor indicate that the governor is willing to submit to a drug test should it be asked of him. The source noted that the governor will bare the expenses of performing the drug test - at any clinic. 

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