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Date Published: 07/19/10

Stand by me on the Igbekele Project 

Dr. Olu Agunloye

I salute and greet you. I humbly request you to please stand by me.

My name is Dr. Olu Agunloye. I am from Erusu-Akoko in Ondo State and have made public my intention to contest for the Senate seat in Ondo North Senatorial District of Ondo State of Nigeria under the banner of the Labour Party, to represent our people at the 7th Senate of the National Assembly (2011 - 2015). This project is dedicated to God and is based on Trust in Him. This is why we call it Igbekele Oluwa or simply Igbekele2011.

The thrust of our campaign is CHANGE; change at all levels of the public service and among the electorates. There must be a change in the way we govern, the way we serve, the way we perceive service and the way we react to shoddy services and most important, the way we set elections and the way we elect.

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to the Igbekele2011 Project and  to request that you stand by me so that together we can cause a meaningful change in the polity. We have been in the field canvassing for support and have just deployed fully branded vehicles for our campaign in rural and urban areas. We are hopeful that we can build on the desire and eagerness of the people for emancipation and empowerment to bring about change for the better.

I have attached an abridged Profile of myself (Presenting Dr. Olu Agunloye) and photographs of our branded vehicles for your information and record. Further, we request you to kindly spare some time to visit our website www.agunloye4senate.com and check our manifesto at www.agunloye4senate.com/manifesto for details of our mission to the Senate and how to follow us on the Facebook, Yahoo Group and in cyberspace in general.

Finally, we respectfully request your support in terms of contributing ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms. And, we enjoin you to help circulate this mail and its attachments by forwarding them to media and communications practitioners.

Please stand by me on the Igbekele Project. We can become potent Change Agents.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Olu Agunloye



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