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Date Published: 04/29/11

Please stop killing Oodua Sons and Daughters!
…No Nigerian Section has Monopoly of Violence


The Oodua Revolutionary Organisations (ORO) in collaboration with the Movement for the Yoruba Autonomy (MOYA) wishes to publicly state the following:

  • We are aware that some sons and daughters, brothers, sisters and cousins of Oodua who live in the Northern parts of Nigeria have been killed, maimed and injured physically and psychologically by brigands carrying out unwarranted destruction of lives and properties of those living in their section of the country;
  • We aware that the nihilists are lacking in focus, principle or direction in their perilous expediction;
  • We are aware that some of our reasonable friends, allies and comrades who incidentally come from that part of the country wish such madness did not happen;
  • We are however would not allowed ourselves to be weighed down by moralism while watching our brothers and sisters slaughtered in cold blood for offences they did not commit;
  • We are aware that some political anarchists from the part of the country who claimed they have lost faith in the Nigerian judicial system wittingly or otherwise incited their indoctrinated pawns on our tribe on the pretence that they lost the presidential elections because our leaders refused to sacrificed our collective interest for their wicked, parochial and selfish interests; equally,
  • We are aware that a few of our turncoat idiots, who have only be of liability value to Yoruba interests, collaborate with hegemonists to cause disaffection among Oodua brothers, sisters, sons and daughters for their personal political pecuniary benefits.

We therefore hereby state that the Yoruba is not responsible for the social, moral, political and developmental misfortune of those who incited the present crisis in a section of the Northern part of Nigeria and we cannot be forced to accept responsibility for it. We can also no longer be taken for granted or the ride accepting that killing our compatriots is cultural to the rampaging brigands. Our silence should not be taken as consent to the wonton destruction of our lives and property by some miscreants of no human value. They should by now understand that no section of the Nigerian country (never a nation) has monopoly of violence; henceforth therefore, any violence meted out on our Yoruba compatriots will be met with superior violence.

We have the moral, technical and material capacity to fulfill this Mission Statement. It is therefore not a threat!

Akingbadebowale Adeniran (Ogbeni)

Secretary-General, MOYA

For: MOYA and ORO



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