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Date Published: 03/22/11

Election 2011: Nigerians in Diaspora debate the issues


Arise Nigeria in collaboration with Oroma.TV, The AMBASSADOR Magazine and CAH1DC are organizing Nigeria’s Presidential Election Debate on the 31st March, 2011 at Lagos Island Restaurant, 417 Lea Bridge Road, London, E10 7EA. The Time is 6.00pm-9.00pm

The Political Debate is to create avenues for the political parties to defend their programmes before a worldwide audience of Nigerians and non Nigerians. And, for many Nigerians living abroad (the so called Diaspora Nigerians) the forth coming election is one of the greatest elections in our history and will be closely watched by Volunteers, International Observers, International Media and the Web family.

The Debate will be broadcast live on and content fed to other Networks including Foreign Media. It is important to state here that the web has been at the heart of significant political events in North Africa and some Middle eastern countries; making it a medium of utmost importance in this election.

All the Political Parties that are putting forward Candidates for the Presidential election in the April 2011 have been invited and are expected to participate in the debate. The Debate will be in the presence of an invited audience. And, panellist from Political Parties with representatives in the United Kingdom will be invited to speak on the policy framework of their parties. Panellist may use visual aids including video clips, slides etc to illustrate points. The Debate’s Moderator will identify specific policy issues and invite discourse amongst panellist.


Sam Asoluka Charles Eze

+4475881 99949 +4475764 14946


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