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Date Published: 03/18/11


Poison not our son


The Sunday Vanguard in its front page contains a very disturbing report about an attempt to poison President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR. The report further states that a former Senate President, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu has been invited by the State Security Service, SSS for questioning.  A perusal of the story indicates that most of the names associated with the evil plot are from the Northern Part of the country.

In this country, we have seen great men and influential politicians eliminated and investigations conducted ad infinitum without results. We are aware that most of the security apparatus’ in Nigeria are in the hands of the Northerners. We are also aware that there is a desperate clique of unrepentant pro-zoning activists who have sworn to destroy democracy. These people pose a grave a growing danger to good governance in Nigeria.

In our opinion, the overarching aim of the plotters is to stop the Presidential bid of the only South-South Person who, by fortuitous circumstances, is taking a shot at the Presidency - which has gained wide acceptance. Earlier arguments borne out of illogicality, and warped political arithmetic about zoning bandied about by the cabal have failed because Nigerians now hanker after responsive, participatory and people-oriented government where justice and equality shall be entrenched. We believe and rightly so, that President Goodluck Jonathan is the instrument God is using now to propel our great country on the orbit of good governance, economic rejuvenation and moral regeneration.

The Ijawnation Forum wishes to state unequivocally that President Jonathan is not alone, as he represents the interest of those who produce the budget of Nigeria and the collective interest of all lovers of peace, prosperity, the rule of Law and good governance.  We regard any attempt to harm the President as a coup to abort democracy and good governance.

Accordingly, we urge the SSS and other Security agencies to investigate the matter with utmost diligence and bring the culprits to book.  The Ijaw nation will not tolerate any attempt to employ underhand, criminal and Machiavellian tactics to truncate the democracy we have fought so hard to sustain. We also warn against all Nigerians against any attempt by anybody, group and under any guise to precipitate crisis to truncate the transition programme that will lead to the smooth transfer of power.

We totally and unequivocally condemn the orchestrators of this attempt and demand that the investigation be thorough, swift and be treated with the seriousness of an aborted coup. In this matter, there shall be no sacred cows, and anybody directly or remotely connected with this evil plot should be punished appropriately.

May God bless the Ijaw Nation.

Idumange John

The Agundu (OPU IGO) of Ijawland

Dated This Sunday March 13, 2011 @ 5.15 pm  Nigerian Time

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