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Date Published: 02/08/11

Justice Salami Promotion is politically motivated: A grand Strategy to Rig 2011 election


Once again, Nigerians bother with present drama upholding in the judicial arm of Government in Nigeria. The recent promotion of Justice Ayo Salami, the President of the Nigeria Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court is not only a deception but a grand strategy by the PDP to rig the 2011 election. It is an ominous sign pointing to the fact that the year 2011 election will not be free and fair as against the “one person, one vote” mantra of the present administration.  The decision to promote Justice Ayo Salami who has been adjudged as one of the incorruptible members of the bench will not only create anarchy in the Judiciary but may lead to serious suspicion and create a crisis for the entire polity in Nigeria. Hence, the need for the reversal of such nefarious promotion with immediate effect in order to create trust, build confidence and credibility of the coming election.

It is no doubt, that an attempt to remove Justice Salami is coming as a result of the fact that some powerful people must have concluded on rigging the 2011 election and the only obstacle for them is Justice Salami that might be an impediment at the Court of Appeal that could truncate their efforts in the end. Nigerians could recollect vividly on how Mallam Ribadu was sent on compulsory course in order to take over the control of the EFCC. Nigerians are wise enough to understand the game and politics surrounding the sudden elevation of Justice Salami. “You can only fool people for sometimes but not all the time”.

The Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Katsina-Alu must exercise restraint in this matter considering the fact that the international community is watching us and the entire Nigerians are keenly interested in 2011. We should be able to do things differently from the past.   The basis for the current act of terrorism and violence everywhere in Nigeria as of today is as a result of injustices, corruption and fraud in all arms of governments in Nigeria. The criminal arrest of Sokoto State gubernatorial judgment of the Court of Appeal by the same Justice Katsina-Alu, CJN, in blatant violation of the Nigerian constitution was enough to set the entire Sokoto State on fire in 2010 if not for the maturity and prompt intervention of the elders of the region.

Of course, going by the records, Justice Ayo Salami is a courageous, fearless and unbiased President of the Court of Appeal. He has made a great landmark within the shortest period of his leadership in the Court of Appeal. He remains one of the few members of the bench that will not compromise the position of law in breach of his oath of office irrespective of pressure and threats. We call on Nigerians to resist any attempt to forcefully incapacitate Justice Salami through fraudulent, calculated and politically motivated promotion.  We condemned the act and we call for its immediate reversal.

Oludare Ogunlana

President, Global Agenda for Development


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