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Date Published: 02/07/11


The State of Federal University location in Kogi State



 The forum of okun youth worldwide met an emergency meeting held at kabba town hall on the 27 th of January, 2011 on the state of okun nation and the burning issues of the newly approved federal university location in Kogi State.

The meeting resolved as thus after hours of exhaustive deliberation on the way forward

1. That we thank the federal government under the leadership of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan gift for deeming Kogi state worthy of such a gigantic project.

2. That Okun son’s and daughters world wide should be concerned by the purported or acclaimed location of the university at Lokoja being media propaganda and an affront on the sensitivity of okun people

 3. The announcement the state owned media was calculated to test the pulse of our people. 

4. That it is never in the powe4r of the state to determine where a federal university  is to be located but rather advise the federal government on the location

 5. That all analysis favour Kabba Township our territorial headquarters’ for the citing of this Ivory Towers as we demand for the citing of same here at kabba

 6. That any attempt to shortage our people will further show the level of ethnic hatred been perpetrated since the beginning of Ibrahim Idris administration.

 7. That it’s never in the powers of a Governor to actually determine the location of any such project.

 8. That the university being a universal institution must never be politicized against the interest of the vast majority of our people but be done  with every sense of justice, fairness and equity while upholding integrity of the leadership.

 9. That Ahmadu Bello University Division of Agric College provides the best takeoff site for the temporary site of the proposed university to be located at kabba.

 10. That we call on Alhaji Ibrahim Idris to wage in by  correcting the error in the announcement of commissioner of Environment by re issuing the correct position of state government via the commissioner of information.

 11. We also call on federal ministry of education and National University Commission via the executive secretary to make a former statement on this issue that has agitated the people.

 12. However, we demand the resignation or withdrawal of all appointees of kogi state government officials of okun extract should the media propaganda becomes a reality in order to press home our point and position.

13. We believe his Excellency is sensitive enough in listening to the cries of the people.

The struggle just began

Joshua F. Mesele

Co-ordinator Forum of Okun Youth Worldwide

Comrade Bode Adeyemi


Victor Funsho Yemi

Richard Aro

Ade Balogun Bright


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