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Date Published: 01/18/11

The Nigerian Family Association NFA, Gothenburg Sweden; Condemns Abuja Bombing


The Nigerian Family Association NFA Gothenburg, Sweden has condemned in very clear terms the December 31 bombing of the Sani Abacha barracks in Abuja. In a press release issued at the Nigerian House in Molndal Gothenburg, the president of the association, Mr Dominic Abika expressed surprise that there were still persons capable of bringing about meaningless destruction of such huge dimensions and asked the law enforcement agencies to ensure that proper investigations are carried out and the persons behind the bombing unmasked and brought to justice.

Mr Abika who chronicled the many recent spate of bombings and killings in Nigeria, also called on all Nigerians to condemn the bombings and to join the NFA in demanding a thorough and proper investigations in the most recent bombing in Sani Abacha barracks, Abuja. He also reiterated the belief of members of the elite association in Gothenburg, that until such an investigation is done and the perpetrators brought to justice, the characters behind them will be emboldened and could do more.

The president of the NFA also sympathised with the families of those who were killed in the bomb blast. Moreso when the victims were only a few hours away from the celebration of a new year and perhaps new opportunities.


When reminded in a question that those behind bombings and killings in Nigeria are hardly found, he posited that Nigeria can indeed have and infact has the capacity of a new start and to begin to do the right thing from now. Mr Abika also said that it was damaging to the image of the nation that bombs can always explode in Abuja, in a military barracks and infact very close to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, without Nigerians feeling seriously indignant about them and demanding for the immediate carriage of justice or giving deadlines to the law enforcement agencies.

Finally, Mr Abika points in the direction of the Lorkerbie bombings, the thorough investigations that were carried out, and the arraignment of the perpetrators before a court of law several years after the bombing had taken place; and said that "this is the worst we can hope for".

Dominic Abika

Nigerian Family Association NFA

Nigerian Family House

Molndal, Goteborg, Sweden.


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