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Date Published: 01/17/11

Stripping Corrupt Professional of Membership: A Lesson to Everyone


The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) , speaking through its Executive Chairman Debo Adeniran has commended the action taken by the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) against its erring members; viz: Cecilia Ibru , former Oceanic Bank Managing Director and Tafa Balogun , former Inspector General of Police by stripping them of their membership as a very good approach to fighting corruption and cleansing the professional body of Corrupt Managers. Both former NIM members were found culpable of corruption by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), accordingly charged, prosecuted and sentenced to various jail terms and fines for the inimical act.

“In this era when corruption has become the order of the day, people we entrust with our money, properties and lives have seen such entrustment as an avenue to use our resources at their disposal for their personal enrichment thereby leaving the masses to groan and cry in agony of needs - going to bed on empty stomach etc. They had always believe that they are smarter than the people entrusting resources into their hands, and even when caught in the act, they believe jail is not a new thing, after all, some people had gone to prison but only to come back home wealthier. Some even believe there will be no repercussion, because they believe they can buy their way out of court or even, out of jail. Some even think they have nothing to lose because sooner or later they will be out and free as a bird. The case of Madam Ibru who is serving her jail terms within the white walls of a high-brow hospital in Lagos is instructive here”.

Stripping these two personnel of their membership of this prestigious Institution, like the men of legal profession did to Mr Michael Aondoakaa, the former Minister of Justice who was stripped of the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) for similar reasons, Adeniran said, “is an indication that despite the rot in the society, Nigeria still has a professional body that is capable maintain its integrity even in the face gross societal rot”. The action, the CACOL Chairman emphasized, “will serve as a deterrent to erring professionals and those who are planning to join the league of corrupt professionals”.


In conclusion, he urged “all professional bodies, religion sects and traditional rulers should not relent in their efforts of making Nigeria a better place by exposing and dishing out appropriate punishment to erring members and citizen no matter how highly placed. Once again Kudos to NIM for flushing out their corrupt members and showing Nigerians and the world at large that they are not breeders of corrupt professionals”.

Abimbola Badmus (Miss)

Ag. Publication Officer, CACOL

13 th January, 2011


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