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Date Published: 12/04/10

CACOL commends CBN Governor, Sanusi over NASS jumbo pay


The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has commended the Governor of the Central Bank, Mallam Lamido Sanusi on his courageous and outspoken disposition and statement over the shocking revelation of the 25percent of Nigeria’s annual total overhead cost being appropriated and spent by the National Assembly members in form of outrageous jumbo salaries.

Speaking through its Executive Chairman, Debo Adeniran, the Coalition hails Sanusi on the accurate facts and figures reeled out before the Senate Committee on Appropriation, Finance, Banking and Millennium goals who summoned the CBN Governor to substantiate his assertion. Sanusi’s claims which the law makers felt were distorted facts and in the process demanded apology from Sanusi were unequivocally defended and he vehemently refused to apologise for it because he was sure of his facts. He rather put his job on the line to stand by the truth at all times. This the anti-corruption activist described as a courageous act which should be emulated by patriotic public office holders.

Adeniran observed that even if the Nigerian people lack adequate data to determine what proportion of the country’s overhead spending is pocketed by the National lawmakers, they are aware of their “jumbo” monthly salaries and allowances which run to double-digit millions. They can also compare it with National Minimum Wage, which the government, including the same lawmakers reluctantly fixed at mere N18,000.00 after the workers slugged it out with a warning strike.

However, speaking further in the same vein, the CACOL Chairman said it is imperative for honest and selfless citizens to speak the truth like Sanusi in the face of adversity and intimidation, even if heavens will fall! He urged every citizen to be ready to identify and expose corrupt public officers in high offices in order to deter them from perpetrating the evil. Adeniran also urged relevant authorities to ensure prompt prosecution of indicted corrupt public officers with adequate punishment without opportunity for “Plea-Bargaining”. He stressed that those who have mortgaged the future of his country by deriving pleasure and satisfaction in corruption and selfish interest at the expense of majority of Nigerians who are suffering from abject poverty deserve no pity.

Bright Ogbian (Mr)

Project & Publications Officer

Friday, 04 December 2010 .


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