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Date Published: 11/25/10

CACOL hails judgement on Mrs Theresa Ibori


The Coalition Against Corruption Leaders (CACOL), has expressed its joy over the South walk Crown Court’s 5 years jail term passed and Mrs Theresa Ibori having convicted her of money laundering.

Speaking through its Executive Chairman, Comrade Debo Adeniran, the Coalition praised the court for handling the case with the speed it deserved. Speaking further Comrade Adeniran implored Nigerian judiciary to take a lesson or two from the UK example urging local judicial officers to ensure quick dispensation of justice in all the pending cases of corruption, especially those involving Politically Exposed Persons. 

He said this in view of the stigma and psychological burden corruption charges placed on the suspects. He opined that quick dispensation of justice in such cases would enable those to be convicted begin to serve their punishment pronto and those found innocent discharged to continue their lawful activities with dispatch. This, Adeniran noted, would encourage total commitment of citizens to the war against corruptions within and outside Nigeria.

Bright Ogbian (Mr)

Project & Publications Officer

Tuesday, 23 November, 2010


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