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Date Published: 11/13/10

AIDN calls for the creation of independent community policing in Nigeria

Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN) joins with His Excellency Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio to advocate for the creation of independent and well structured state and community Police formations able to frontally and quickly contain current violent crimes trend. We believe that violent crimes and criminals in Akwa Ibom State can be most effectively checked and significantly minimized if bureaucratic and logistical controls were constitutionally and fully vested in the state's Chief Law Enforcement Officer - the Executive Governor.
As concerned and patriotic stakeholders of Akwa Ibom State, we join with all law abiding citizens to observe current affairs and contribute meaningfully toward happiness, general safety, prosperity and sustainable development of our state. We take our responsibilities very seriously and have found it necessary to address some fundamental and important issues now developing in our state, especially regarding issues of public safety and preparations for the upcoming Elections 2010.
Public Safety
We acknowledge and strongly condemn the nationally prevailing violent crimes trend as a very dangerous development generally undermining public safety in Nigeria.  Akwa Ibom State, by reasons of complex socio-economics and unhealthy political rivalry, has not been spared the brunt of kidnappings and other violent crimes. We extend our sincere condolences to families who have lost their loved ones to the violent crimes wave and sympathize with all who have in various ways become victims.
As expected, there is a measure of concern regarding what appears to be an unrelenting wave of violent crimes menacing the country and our state. While it is understandable that some Akwa Ibom people are becoming more anxious for a silver bullet against the scourge, the truth remains that situations could have been worse if not for deliberate policy and operational actions currently working out to stunt and eventually contain the scourge.
Kidnapping, as a national violent crime wave pattern, rippled into Akwa Ibom State and has since evolved to become predominantly home grown for monetary and political gains. While a few miscreants and criminal gangs have now resorted to kidnapping as their chosen vocation, some desperate politicians are reportedly masterminding violent crimes to further their inordinate and extra-judicial quest for political offices or relevance. We are disturbed by this emerging culture that is not only perilous, but may eventually eclipse sustainable development gains already secured by the Akwa Ibom State Government. We will never allow that culture to persist.
As patriots and stakeholders of Akwa Ibom State, we will not fold hands to watch a few sullied persons seize the opportunity of an unfortunate crime wave pattern to disparage our state, elected officials and democratic institutions through abusive and malicious propaganda on various print and the Internet media. While we abhor all forms of corruption and criminal behavior by any person, we equally disapprove of false accusations targeting any elected official. It is obvious that Gov. Godswill Akpabio has been unfairly targeted by some unprincipled politicians and citizens playing the blame game to further malicious, selfish and partisan interests.
Thankfully, the Akwa Ibom State Government has come to acknowledge stark realities of the crime wave and has been strategically working with national and state law enforcement agencies towards immediate and lasting solutions. His Excellency Gov. Godswill Akpabio, like President Goodluck Jonathan and all law abiding Nigerians, detests kidnapping or violent crimes whatsoever. So do we, the overwhelming majority of Akwa Ibom citizens in the Diaspora who hereby call all Nigerians to dismiss as blatant nonsense all false accusations unfairly targeting our State and national leaders.
Our strong position is that our people and all Nigerians must rise to take back their land and peaceful living from violent criminals and degenerate politicians; they must not only condemn violent crimes trend currently wrapping around the nation, but must take all lawful actions and means to reject all persons and politicians who directly or indirectly benefit from violent crimes, exposing and reporting such persons and politicians for necessary law enforcement actions. 
Forthcoming Elections 2011
Akwa Ibom Diaspora network calls on Akwa Ibom people to eschew all forms of violence during and after the forthcoming elections.  AIDN condemns the use of misinformation and manipulation of unwelcome circumstances or developments in order to score cheap political goals.   AIDN calls for greater confidence in the leadership of Chief (Dr) Godswill Akpabio and to assist the government in fighting these heinous crimes.  In a recent interview with the press, Governor Akpabio said:
‘We must practice politics of issues, and not that played on humans. I believe that even if the long arm of the law does not catch up with them, there is an ultimate judge - God, who is watching and will definitely fish them out for just punishment. I assure you that in my State, working with security agents, there will be no sacred cows, we will bring all perpetrators to book…..’
The overwhelming majority of Akwa Ibom citizens in the Diaspora, across many nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the United States and Canada, have an abiding faith in the transformational leadership of His Excellency Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio. With a deep sense of pride and patriotism, we have embraced and endorsed his vision of turning Akwa Ibom State into a world class destination of choice.
We are proud to appreciate, and commend the overwhelming and unprecedented developments that our State has been blessed with.  Akwa Ibom State has in a very short time become a very enviable state with marked achievements, making it second to none in Nigeria. As a result of the remarkable transformation of the State, she has become the centre of attraction, acquired great friends, partners and well wishers. More than ever before, growth and development opportunities now abound in Akwa Ibom State, her citizens and residents have witnessed the transformation.
Akwa Ibom State indigenes have always lived in peace, love and harmony and as in our tradition and culture, extend the love to all visitors and well wishers.
We join our voices to all well wishers of Akwa Ibom State to wholly rebuke, denounce and express our disapproval of such activities that threatened the security of our State. We are confident that the government of Akwa Ibom State, in collaboration with the State’s security operatives is working tirelessly to end the sickening efforts of these individuals that try to bring the state into disrepute.

Mr. Clement Ikpatt - President 
Barrister Uduak Ukpeh - Secretary General
Ms Mary Umoh - VP Communications
Victor Udo, PhD - Executive VP
Prof. Ekere Essien – VP Finance
Prof. Felix Edoho – VP Research
Mr. Christopher Oyobio – VP Membership Mobilization, Ethics and Rules
Sir Peter Umoh – VP South America
Mr. John Edem – VP North America
Barr. Ata Ikiddeh – VP Europe and Asia


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