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Date Published: 11/07/10

National Union of Ogoni Students' USA



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Nov. 5 th, 2010.

The National Union of Ogoni Students’ USA held an emergency meeting over the weekend to address a perceived dangerous precedent in MOSOP-USA. We are appalled at the invitation of Mr. Ledum Mitee by Chief Stephen Kpea and Dumbari Deezua interim leadership to the 15th anniversary of the Killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight Ogoni activists. NUOS International-USA detests hypocritical conducts against humanity, particularly as demonstrated in the character of Mr. Ledum Mitee.

In 1996 Ogoni people held their conference in Accra, Ghana and use the occasion to condemned Mr. Ledum Mitee for his role in the betrayal of Ogoni Martyrs, an accusation that he has not refuted or challenge till date. He has not only mortgaged the Ogoni struggle but has used his divided and rule style to amassed wealth for himself and his family. His double standard of serving as an agent to Shell and the government of Nigeria is detrimental to our struggle and future of Ogoni. In 1996 Mr. Mitee was confronted with documents accusing him of corrupt practices by MOSOP-UK; instead of addressing the issue he retired to Nigeria and encouraged thuggery mentality amongst Ogonis, particularly those that were in Benin Republic. Mitee has been away from MOSOP for over 15 years and still un-repented for all his crimes against Ogonis. It was based on the foregoing that MOSOP-USA suspended him in 1998 pending when he will clear his name. The wisdom of the current interim leadership of MOSOP-USA to embrace such a controversial figure at this time in our history without recourse to the past and consideration of the effect of such decision on our practices is very disturbing.

Fellow Ogonis, remember we are the beacon of hope for the oppressed in Nigeria. Our leaders had the option to embrace Nigeria against the wishes of our people but they refused. They opted for a good name which of cause shall remain honored by posterity for generations to come. It is imperative that we do not forget the past because we shall be judged by our past and present standards. As you prepare to attend the anniversary marking the 15th remembrance of the

Hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Ogonis, the question that you need to ponder over is, “how many Nigerians of the caliber of Ken Saro-Wiwa has been hanged to death in that country?”

NUOS will remain committed to the struggle and ideas for which our heroes laid down their lives. Ledum mitee must not only go but must render account of his stewardship and compromised.



Pius Barikpoa Nwinee Baridakara Sunday Sampson Npimnee

President NUOS INTL, USA PRO NUOS INTL, USA Secretary General NUOS INTL,


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