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Date Published: 11/04/10

Virtue & Value Initiative: Protecting the Chastity & Honour of Women

National Headquarters

Old Nissan Garage, Behind Illela Motor Park, Sokoto



Ungodly Acts by State Functionaries & Murders of Maryam in Sokoto

We wish to draw the attention of all to the ungodly act and crime against humanity committed by a serving Commissioner in Sokoto State Government; an abomination that no one could ever think would place in the Seat of the Caliphate.

It came to our knowledge that a Commissioner had an extra marital relationship with one Maryam and the lady consequently became pregnant. Eventually, the lady delivered a baby for the (Dis) Honourable.

In his desperate moves to cover up the beastly act, the Commissioner hired merciless thugs who not only strangulated the baby but also murdered the mother as well.

Since the receipt and confirmation of this information, we have called all those concerned in Sokoto to assist in ensuring that the Commissioner and his accomplices are brought to book and that justice should be made on the matter. Unfortunately, we are yet to either receive or hear any favourable response.

This therefore informs our decision to extend this invitation to all individuals, organizations and relevant government agencies to support our stand that this case of multiple murder and outright violence against women by state official should be thoroughly investigated and culprits be prosecuted accordingly.

We solicit your assistance in this regard, please.


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