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Date Published: 10/21/10

CACOL warns President Jonathan of Foreign Loan


The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has once again sounded a note of warning to President Goodluck Jonathan against ditching Nigeria deeper into the abyss of foreign loans which has proven to be more of a plague to the country than relief.

Speaking through its Executive Chairman, Comrade Debo Adeniran, the Coalition expressed displeasure in the president’s frantic efforts to obtain foreign loan for some white elephant projects of which benefit to the majority of Nigerians is yet to be clearly defined. In the words of Comrade Adeniran, “whoever cannot govern Nigeria without foreign loan is not fit to be our president. Nigerians do not need a leader who would plunge them into neo-slavocracy. Rather, Nigerians yearn for a leader that will lead them out of present hardship whereby many of us live below poverty level”.

Since the era of General Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida, the condition of living of Nigerians continually grow worsened because primary ambition of our leaders is to usurp the right of the citizenry and enjoy every available money in the treasury, even to the level of having to borrow form foreign creditors for their own selfish ends.

Now that it has become evident that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is about going the way of General Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida’s anomie, therefore Nigerians should directly, through their representatives in the National Assembly, stop President Goodluck Jonathan form enslaving us through the foreign loans.

Dr. Jonathan should instead revoke the allocation of oil wells to individuals who have now become stupendously rich while majority of Nigerians are languishing in poverty. President Goodluck Jonathan should learn a useful lesson from President Hugo Chavez who has successfully used Venezuela’s oil wealth to better the lot of his people.

Our President, indeed, every patriotic Nigerian should be ashamed of being called a citizen of a debtor-nation. Our country is a world acclaimed crude oil producer, therefore our leaders should learn how to manage our enormous wealth/resources instead of being wasteful. It is worrisome that our leaders would want to enjoy the best comfort the world can offer but are never concerned about how to develop our economy to aid and sustain industrialisation that will benefit the mass of Nigerian people.

The Coalition expresses its appreciation to Members of the House of Representatives that have overwhelmingly rejected the atrocious Bill from the president for the foreign loan. The Coalition is quite convinced that the people they represent in the National Assembly would be very pleased and proud of them.

Bright Ogbian (Mr)

Project & Publications Officer

Wednesday, 20 Oct, 2010.

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