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Date Published: 10/12/10


The noises are from infighting in the PDP!

10 October 2010

The gongs are blaring louder for the 2011 general elections. The reverberations from the weapons of violence are even louder than the sounds from rallies and the radio. These noises are from the usual weapons of the ruling right wing politicians. They do not talk on issues of national development. Virtually the deafening noises are from the camps of desperate aspirants in the Peoples Democratic Party PDP:

  • The noises are from the few PDP aspirants who have shown their faces and interests.
  • The counter noises are from each of the PDP aspirants in attack of rivals though of the same one political party.
  • The associated noises are from commentators and news writers.
  • The extrapolation of the infighting and misinterpretation as national issues constitute an added but confusing noise.
  • There are the added baseless scares in respect of the survival and continued existence of the country as a nation. These scares are from the internal wrangling of one political party.

These are the elements of the noises, which encompass the country with regard to the 2011 general elections. The main and only sources of these noises are Ibrahim Babangida the evil genius, Atiku Abubakar, Goodluck Jonathan, Bukola Saraki and Aliyu Gusau, all in the same political party PDP. This is in a country in search of a democratic polity.

The involvement of the other right wing political parties in this unproductive cacophony is an almost equally negative factor in the current political discourse in Nigeria. The theory of uniting to defeat the PDP is historically hollow. The emergence of the United Peoples Grand Alliance UPGA at the 1964 general elections did not prove to be any efficient counter force to the Nigerian National Alliance NNA, which emerged as the answer to UPGA. Today, they come as Coalition for New Nigeria CNN, Mega Party and new ones yet to emerge! They are the same people in an unending merry go around. The point is that the same politicians who want to defeat the PDP at all costs will run to join the PDP government to share the loot of offices after the elections. They did so in the past. They will do it again. The so-called alliance of forces lacks ideological content and rationale. The current state governments run by the ANPP or APGA or ANC are not pursuing any programmes of development and governance that is different from what the PDP state and federal governments are doing. Left to analysts that are keen on the development of Nigeria, they are all in the same party, except that they are in different groups using various nominal labels. Their cognomen is Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

Besides, the ideological hollowness of the politicians and the similarities of their political thinking with the PDP are responsible for the anti democratic call and efforts to make the polity into a two party state. These politicians discuss and plot the death of political parties. The need for alternative thoughts and programmes for Nigeria cannot be more germane and necessary than now. We should organise the polity for various contending ideas to remain in contention. The NNA and UPGA never provided stability for the politics of the country. Why would any so-called strong two parties be the only source of stability and development today? Such thoughts are share wishes. They lack sustainable foundation.

There is no development going on in the country. We import everything including the green and white balloons that they let loose into the air at Eagle Square and the various state capitals on October 1, 2010, fifty years after independence. Teachers came from Emory University in the United States to train the youths of Niger Delta who emerged from the war in the Delta.

The Democratic Alternative commits itself to providing a government that will develop the national economic rapidly for the benefits of our people. The politicians in government today service international capitalism and foreign economies from the poverty of our people. A genuine replacement is the answer. Those left elements that go to seek offices in the right wing governments reinforce the forces of exploitation and oppression. They do not give service to our people. They have abandoned the struggle.

The political environment may be very difficult for now to displace the right wing from power. We will work for the future.

Dr Abayomi Ferreira


Democratic Alternative

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