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Date Published: 10/11/10


Unwarranted Insult On HRH, Suanu T.Y. Baridam, The Mene Bua Bangha By Khana Council Chairman, Hon Greg Nwidam 

It’s with shock and disappointment that we received the ugly news of the unprecedented insult on not only the most revered paramount ruler of the great Bua Bangha kingdom, HRH, Mene Suanu T.Y. Baridam, JP, but also on the sacred stool and entire people of Bua Bangha and Nyokhana by no other than the executive chairman of Khana Local Government Council, Hon Greg Nwidam.

For ambushing a respectable and recognized 2nd Class traditional ruler, the Mene Bua Bangha and dispossessing him of an official car attached to him by the Rivers State Government, the chairman’s action is, to say the least, disgraceful and unbecoming.

As at the time of issuing this statement, vital documents and cash seized with the car were yet to be recovered. These include a brown envelop containing US $46,600 meant for a trip to St Luis in the United States for the Ogoni Day, a certificate of recognition from the Rivers State council of traditional rulers and a letter signed for violence-free elections in Ogoni by Ogoni leaders.

We see this as executive lawlessness that ought not be contemplated in a civilized society like ours.

Incidentally, this is coming on the heels of Nigeria’s 50th Independence anniversary to mark the country’s freedom from slavery, colonial and barbaric living that characterized the primordial age.

Unfortunately, Hon Greg Nwidam seems to be still living in the days of despotism and lawlessness that can only be found in the animal kingdom.

We view this unbridled penchant and disrespect to tradition as sacrilege that demands an unreserved apology from Hon Nwidam to not only Bua Bangha council of chiefs, but also the Ogoni Supreme Council of Traditional Rulers and the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers.

We sincerely believe that though men commonly think and act according to their inclinations, we must not lose sight of the fact that there is nothing that strengthens a nation like living in accordance with the customs of the land.

The gods abhor arrant disrespect to elders and constituted authorities. The Bua Bangha traditional stool is sacred and so is the occupant which Hon Nwidam has defied. It is not partisan and must not be politicized.

And for Nwidam to act in such a bizarre manner as he did, on the baseless premise of not getting the necessary support for his political agenda from the Bua Bangha traditional ruler, it is most condemnable and unacceptable.

More worrisome is the chairman’s ploy to insinuate that his action was in line with Gov Rotimi Amaechi’s orders as a deterrent to His Royal Highness.

We doubt that this kind of insult and abuse of office can come from a respected State Chief Executive of Governor Amaechi’s status who, we know is an advocate of judicial process and dialogue in resolving conflicting issues.

To expose our revered paramount ruler to the type of insult and assault as meted out on him through Nwiadim’s personal police guards, to us, is a slap which demands an explanation and apology.


Chief Lucky ObembaChief Sunday Nwibie

(Paramount Ruler, Kabangha) (Paramount Ruler, Nyobe Bangha)

Chief Israel Pienwi Chief Gbarale Beke

(Paramount Ruler, Kere Bangha) (Paramount Ruler, Koro Bangha)

Chief Friday Nwike Chief Lot Nwipeedam

(Paramount Ruler, Luekue Bangha) (Paramount Ruler, Bunu Bangha)

Chief Fah Kombee Chief Brownson B.

(Paramount Ruler, Bionu Bangha) ( Paramount Ruler, Dean I Bangha)

Chief Kobani BereChief J. T. A. Nwiue

(Adviser) (Adviser Mene Zaazi)

Chief Michael Baah

(Mene Nornu I Bangha)

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