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Date Published: 10/08/10


CACOL warns Nigerians against Electoral Complacency

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders has once again called on Nigerians to be more committed to voting, protecting and defending their votes during 2011 elections.

Speaking through its national executive Chairman, Comrade Debo Adeniran, the Coalition warns that even though the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) seems to have been placed on the right direction with the appointment of Professor Attahiru Jega as its Chairman every Nigerian must work hard by ensuring that his vote is protected from the point of casting the vote to the point if result announcement.

Comrade Adeniran advised all voters to follow the examples of Edo State citizens who were courageous enough to contemptuously defy all the PDP/INEC militia by monitoring their votes to the final destination as a result of which Edo State 2007 election results had to be announced in Abuja instead of Benin City as PDP-INEC partnership, as it were, was quite mindful of the grave consequence of announcing results in favour of the wrong candidate.

The Coalition also warn against indiscriminate voting for party and people without prior assessment of such parties and individuals. Nigerians should study party manifestoes and assess individual candidates based on their part services to the nation. This is the only way we can prevent people with questionable character/background and parties without genuine manifestoes from occupying public offices.

As at today, we have people that have plunged this country into economic and political crises, warming up to comeback for further treasuring looting. A Nigerian that had served in a public office for years and has nothing, but evil to show for it should be utterly rejected and those who are campaigning for them should be noted; for a man is remembered for his work, whether good or evil. During 2011 elections, Nigerians must have to prove to the forces of evil that a determined citizenry cannot be defeated, no matter the weapon fashioned against them.

The Corruption that has become an unassailable monster in every aspect of out national endeavour started form putting square pegs in round holes. Therefore, we should all see 2011 elections as a very rare but great opportunity to redress our 50 years of anomalies.

Meanwhile, the Coalition heartily welcome the good news that one of the criminal executive officers in the endangered Nigerian Banking Industry has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Though the punishment is mild compared with the magnitude of the offence, it is a step in the right direction. It will further remind treasury looters that the party is over.

Comrade Bright Ogbian

Project & Publications Officer

8 th October, 2010

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