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Date Published: 10/06/10


We condemn the bomb blasts in Nigeria-NDLF.


New York, NY; Oct. 2nd 2010: The Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) condemns the bomb blasts in Abuja, Nigeria during the 50th Independence day celebration.

We pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives in this unjustifiable dastardly act and commiserate with their families.

Meanwhile, we are shocked that an organization-MEND claimed responsibility for the bomb blasts while President Goodluck Jonathan has absolved the group of culpability while investigation is on going. We concede that the President may have knowledge of some facts concerning this unfortunate incident, but the President and other government officials making conflicting remarks on those responsible for this heinous crime without the conclusion of a thorough investigation is capable of undermining confidence in the outcome of any investigation. We also expect that this would not lead to an arbitrary clampdown on political foes and activist groups rather a thorough investigation that would unmask and prosecute the perpetrators and their sponsors no matter how highly placed.

We also counsel the government that the families of the victims be identified and compensated.  

The NDLF affirms that the Change and Transformation of Nigeria based on good governance, liberty, equity & social justice can only be achieved through constitutional means.


Bukola Oreofe

Executive Director


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