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Date Published: 10/04/10

4th October 2010 Press Release: Abuja Car Bombs


Save Nigeria Group Global (SNG) UK condemns without reservation, the car bomb blast that occurred in Abuja at Nigeria's 50thindependence anniversary. 

We sympathize with, and extend our condolences to the families of innocent Nigerians that died in the incident. 

The Federal Government should ensure that the Nigerian security services fish out the perpetrators of this crime, their protectors and sponsors and bring them to book to the full extent of the law

The Federal Government must also initiate an immediate Board of Inquiry to establish how such an act of terrorism could be perpetrated in our nations capital on the eve of such a high profile event particularly in light of the claims by MEND that security agents assisted them in planting the devices.

The Federal Government must also ensure that all the innocent victims of this crime receive medical care at the same level as can be expected by Government Ministers or Members of the National Assembly

In conclusion we also call upon the Federal Government to step up the process set out in the amnesty programme as well as revisit the issue of constitutional amendments that will ensure that power is returned to the regions as it was the case at independence. This will not only satisfy the agitation for resource control but will also create a more balanced federation where the injustices of the past will finally be redressed including Niger Delta question. It is our view that no amount of Police or military measures will remove the root cause of the crises, the economic deprivation and environmental degradation of this region unless until power is devolved to the people.

In the same vein we call upon MEND to respect the amnesty and call an immediate ceasefire. They should bear in mind that none of the victims of this act were party to the issues in the Delta and some were even from that region. No person of conscience can consider this a justifiable action

The first duty of any government is to safeguard the security of its populace, with the exponential level of kidnapping in various parts of the country, armed robbery and now urban terrorism it is clear the government is not living up to its responsibilities. 

While we reflect on our 50 years let us pray that the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace



Save Nigeria Group (UK)

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