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Date Published: 10/02/10

March against Kidnappers


As part of its campaign against kidnapping and other violent crimes plaguing south-eastern Nigeria, the Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation (HRJPF) in conjunction with the Ark of Friends (AoF) is organizing a protest in the United States.

The protest, which will be held in front of Nigeria House at 828 Second Avenue, New York, NY on Saturday, October 2, 2010, will be used as a platform to:

1)         To draw the attention of the International Community to the mismanagement of the Presidential Amnesty Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria by the Presidential Amnesty Committee, which gave birth to kidnapping in the south-east;

2)         To draw the attention of the International Community to the hypocrisy of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the fight against the spate of kidnapping in south-eastern Nigeria; and

3)         To call on the International Community to prevail on the Federal Government of Nigeria to, as a matter of urgent importance, restructure the NPF by amending the fraudulent anti-people and anti-progressive Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, imposed on the suffering Nigerian people by General Abdusalami Abubakar in 1999, to empower State Governors to set up Local Government Police.

Accordingly, any Nigerian resident in New York who wishes to participate in the protest should contact the HRJPF for more details.

Comrade Chidi Nwosu


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