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Date Published: 09/18/10

Press Release on State of the Nation


Conscience Nigeria is an NGO with the cardinal objectives of promoting democracy, rule of law and good governance; over the years we have complemented government effort in fighting this menace that has destroyed the fabric of our society.

We condemn in strong terms the incessant attack of security operatives fighting corruption in the country and we appeal to the President to urgently look into this matter before it gets out of hand. The latest brutal murder of the head of forensic of the EFCC is highly condemnable as we appeal to the security agencies to fish out the killers and other unresolved murders in Nigeria. We believed in the capacity of the new Inspector General of police to fight crime and hope that he will reduce crime to the beeriest minimum in the country as we approach 2011 general elections.

We equally commend the appointment of new service chiefs by Mr President and his developmental stride so far as we appeal to Nigerians to support him to do more for the good people of Nigeria because Nigerians need his leadership more than before. We equally welcome his declaration to contest as president being a relief for Nigerians as we approach election year so that Nigeria will not go back to dark ages in lieu of the characters parading to govern the nation at the moment

Comrade Tosin Adeyanju

Executive Director


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