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Date Published: 09/17/10


I would rather go on Exile than for IBB to rule Nigeria again. - Kayode AJULO


Yesterday, General Babangida, despite hue and cry presented himself as contestant in his bid to become Nigeria’s President.

I considered this a grand insult coming from someone who is today regarded as face of corruption and everything wrong in Nigeria statecraft.

I recall with trepidation, and regret as an undergraduate when General Ibrahim Babangida was Nigeria’s President and the Visitor of University of Jos, where I obtained my first degree in Law; Jos was so peaceful and inexpensive, that some of us bought lands with the hope of residing there after our education, but Babangida’s style of administration messed the city up. He messed many potentials up; his creation of new local government in Jos, made Jos lose her innocence. Babangida introduced the orgies of violence that still remain in Jos till this day.

As undergraduate, we did not fare better, Babangida’s mal-administration made lecturers’ strikes the order of the day, the malady still remain with us.

It was so tough passing through school that I spent a total of 7 years to acquire LL.B. (Hons.) not for reasons of failure nor did I have carry over, but merely because of strikes and shut downs; no thanks to General Ibrahim Babangida.

These were part of Babangida’s misdeeds and crime against my generation, and despite this, he still had the audacity to call us “incapable”.

Despite all the hurdles, I graduated with honours, and even surprisingly won a prestigious prize from Red Cross International in International Humanitarian Law ; I am now a lawyer with offices in cities in Nigeria and abroad; I choose to practice from Nigeria to contribute to the development of my Country.

Without being immodest, Nigeria has done so much for me that the number of success recorded so far in my humble but eventful years of sojourn in mother earth are an attestation that Nigerian youths are capable and resourceful, irrespective of vituperation of General Ibrahim Babangida that Nigerian Youths are incapable.

I therefore join other discerning Nigerian youths to say NO to this latest imprudence coming from General Babangida.

Never again can we afford to allow a corrupt mogul to rule Nigeria again, and as such, to underscore our opposition, I have resolved today, that if General Babangida becomes President of Nigeria again, I will leave the comfort of my home and beauty of my law practice in Nigeria to seek peace elsewhere.

I am not alone in this quest as every of my member that share this sentiment with me is ready to follow suit. This mass exodus will make the then Babangida military era’s brain drain a child’s play.

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