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Date Published: 09/11/10

Raymond Dokpesi: A Tissue of Lies


Our attention has been drawn to statements by the Director General of the General Ibrahim Babangida campaign organisation, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, to the effect that the Presidency is after his life. He is also alleged to have said that there is a plot to kidnap his son, as a means of forcing him to abandon the Babangida campaign. Obviously, these are lies, and it beats us hollow what Dokpesi stands to gain by them beyond introducing chilling and quite sinister dimensions to the contest for the presidency in 2011. Nigerians know those who are the "Masters" in the art of political violence and it is not President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Nigeria had enough of such deadly power games under the jack boots
of dictators past, and in embracing democracy and freedom, we have said a resounding NO to them once and for all. Nigerians are also aware of the inclinations of the political family Dokpesi belongs to in the South South, and their past roles as purveyors of violence and political “militancy”.

Everyone knows that President Jonathan has never been associated with such distasteful things. We also note Dokpesi’s claim that the tax authorities are after him, and ask that he nurses no fears since we assume he has been paying his taxes as at when due. We are after all, a law abiding society, and no one should fear the taxman if their taxes are up to date. Making unsubstantiated claims would not stop the tax authorities from doing their jobs. This is our position. And we stand resolutely by it.


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