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Date Published: 09/06/10

UK MP supports call fro Travel Ban against Corrupt Nigerian Politicians

Rising new Member of Parliament Chuka Umunna expressed his support for a new campaign seeking to ban corrupt Nigerian politicians and officials and their families from travelling to the EU and freezing their assets.

Mr Umunna the Labour MP for Streatham was speaking during a meeting with the Citizens for Change a UK registered charity made up of UK based Nigerian professionals Tuesday 17th August at Portcullis House, the offices of the Houses of Parliament in London. During the interactive meeting Mr Umunna spoke of his disappointment at the state of Nigeria and Africa, reminiscing about the early 1990’s when the belief was that in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s release Nigeria and South Africa would be the drivers of Africa’s renaissance. He laid the blame for this chronic under development on Nigeria’s corrupt leadership and stated that he planned to be a strong advocate for good governance and anti corruption in the House of Commons and to engage Ministers and colleagues on Her Majesty’s Governments policies towards Nigeria, ensuring anti corruption was high on the agenda.

The Chairman Board of Trustees of Citizens for Change Theodore Emiantor (a Registered Auditor from Edo State)  congratulated Mr Umunna on his election and reiterated the pride all Nigerians felt at having one of their own in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’. Mr Emiantor explained that Citizens for Change was dedicated to improving the welfare of people in Nigeria through community development projects and anti corruption/ good governance campaigns.


It was further stated that the key to resolving Nigeria’s problems were credible elections which informed the current campaign in which the group has written to the Home Secretary Theresa May, the US Office for Asset Control, the US State Department and Baroness Ashton the EU Foreign Minister requesting immediate travel bans and financial sanctions on all corrupt Nigerian politicians, their family members and agents. Olusegun Obasanjo (former President), Atiku Abubakar (former Vice President), Ibrahim Babangida (former head of State), Buba Marwa (High Commissioner to South Africa), Michael Andooaka (former Attorney General), Farida Waziri (current EFCC Chairman) and Dimeji Bankole (Speaker of the NASS) were named in the letter as prime examples for the travel ban and confistication of assets due to the unproven sources of their wealth all generated whilst in public office.

Further explaining their actions Chidi Nwaonu (an Engineer from Imo State) stated that the impunity with which these corrupt individuals operated took away all incentive for honest, competent people to contest elections or work in Government. He also compared corruption in Nigeria to that in countries like Indonesia, where the dictators held onto economic and political power but still invested their loot in their own country’s infrastructure and economy whilst Nigeria politicians merely stole as much as possible and salted it away abroad thus a travel ban and asset freeze would force corrupt officials and their families to remain in Nigeria and endure the same conditions their actions cause for their fellow citizens.

Mr Umunna was in full support of the initiative and promised to support the effort as much as he could by further researching the Governments policies towards Nigeria and putting relevant questions to Ministers and Parliament, he shared his own personal experiences of Nigerian politics recounting the untimely death of his father after he narrowly lost a gubernatorial contest in Anambra state in the early 1990’s after he stood on an anti corruption ticket. He also cited the example of such professionals as Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who had left a lucrative job at the World Bank, worked hard and effectively as the Minster of Finance and left having made a positive impact with no stain upon her character. As the lively meeting ended Mr Umunna promised to work with and support Citizens for Change on future projects.

Notes to Editors

·         Chuka Umunna was elected Labour MP for Streatham 6th May 2010  with a 3259 majority

·         Chuka Umunna trained and practiced as a lawyer, grew up in the Streatham area and is of Nigerian, English and Irish ancestry

·         Citizens for Change is a charity registered in the UK and Nigeria, it was formed in London in May 2009

·         The Petition calls for a Travel ban and financial sanctions against corrupt Nigerian officials and politicians and can be found at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/298/petition-for-a-travel-ban-and-financial-sanctions-against-corrupt-politicians-and-officials-of-the-f

·         Citizens for Change consists of Nigerian professionals based in London, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and the US. The Chairman is Theodore Emiantor and Vice Chair Inno Ochezie

·         Citizens for Change’s activities include organising and participating in the rally in front of the Houses of Parliament and Nigeria High Commission on 15/01/2010 to compel the NASS to invoke Section 144 of the Nigerian Constitution when the late President Yar Adua’s whereabouts and state of health were unknown

·         Other campaigns included: supporting the  protests against Conservative MP Tony Baldry’s attempts to help James Ibori’s avoid justice

·         Citizens for Change’s most recent charity work involved donating and collecting clothes and distributing them at Karu Childrens Home, Karu in Abuja Nigeria on 14/08/2010

·         Citizens for Change meets every second Saturday of the month at Browning Hall, Browning Street, Camberwell SE17  for further information please contact the Company Secretary Chizobam Iwuoha at 9 Chapel Place, London, EC2A 3DQ, by phone on 0207 749 6090, or email on: info@citizensforchangelobal.org. Website: www.citizensforchangeglobal.org

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