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Date Published: 09/02/10

Rivers Vanguard for Good Governance (RIVGGAN)



The Rivers Vanguard for Good Governance has condemned plots by those who want to use the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to settle political scores particularly in the Niger Delta States. We want to state that while we support the efforts of the Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan to continue the fight against corruption which is also being replicated in the states, we are against acts which may become diversionary to the governors who are truly embarking on people-oriented projects. It therefore beats our imagination why the EFCC would always descend on the Niger Delta states towards the build up to elections.

This is on the back drop of rumors making rounds that some state governors of the ruling People’s Democratic Party who are suspected of not supporting the presidential bid of President Jonathan may be harassed by the Crime Commission as was the case in the past Administration. For a government that has the rule of law as one of its cardinal points, it would amount to executive recklessness and a mockery of its democratic tenets to arm-twist those who may have their interest elsewhere.

We as a body set out to ensure that there is judicious utilization of allocations to every tier of government particularly in Rivers State, we urge the EFCC not to be used to fight any so-called perceived political opponents or be used to political scores within the political parties. The President must not allow such unpopular tendencies as that would be resisted by the people who are already happy with the giant developmental strides of the Governor of Rivers State.

RIVGGAN condemns in totality the recent plot by some powerful cabal to procure the services of the EFCC in their bid to cause confusion in the state. We, therefore advice the Crime Commission to follow due process and the rule of law in the discharge of its duties. The era of commando type of arrests has passed and Nigeria cannot afford to be ridiculed any more before the international community. Let us practice democracy in its true sense while we let peace be in the Niger Delta.



Publicity Secretary


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