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Date Published: 08/26/10

Lagos ACN Blasts Osun PDP Over Persecution of ACN Members.


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has condemned in strong terms, the continued persecution of the members of Osun ACN on trumped up charges of masterminding the Osun bomb blast in 2007. The party said it is quite annoying to know that Osun PDP is never tired of pranks and intrigues to further its corrupt stay in power in Osun State.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos ACN asked Osun people to resist this desperate and dirty tactics that has served the corrupt ends of the PDP and ensure the interlopers that stole their ways to power in Osun State are served a quit notice soonest. It warned that the PDP in Osun State risks plunging the state into an intractable crisis should it think that its intrigues would be allowed unquestionable sway in Osun State.

“We are not surprised that with the imminence of another general election, the Osun PDP has resurrected one of its many dirty concoctions and employ same to hunt and persecute the members of the ACN in the state. We observe that Osun State has been a hatchery for all sorts of intrigues and machinations that are all aimed at assisting interlopers to stay put in power. We equally observe that this web of dangerous concoctions have assumed a mad frenzy since 2003 when the PDP stole the mandates that Osun people freely gave to Engr. Rauf Aregbesola of the ACN and were at full display in the electoral disputations so far for that brazen act of electoral chicanery.

“Lagos ACN sees the latest onslaught over a discredited bomb blast that happened in 2007 as yet another desperate and very dirty tactics the Osun PDP wants to employ to run the ACN out of the state but we warn them that this would be resisted. It asks the Osun PDP to forget about another electoral roguery in 2011 as the state ACN and the people of Osun State who have been violently robbed of their electoral choices since 2003 would resist their pranks this time around.

“Osun PDP and their government know that the Osun bomb blast story was a half clever ruse they employed for the election roguery of 2007. They know very well the masterminds and intents of that hoax but it had served them a useful purpose of hunting the opposition and clamping down on them so as to fence them off from the politics of the state. That their Attorney General is now cooking charges against ACN members few months to a general election is an apt reminder that the PDP can never change in their dirty and abominable tactics.

“Lagos ACN wants to assure the PDP that the party is prepared for all its pranks and is well determined to resist them. We urge them to go to the Osun people with their achievements in power since 2003 and not through intimidating its opponents. We want them to present their score cards to the distraught Osun people and not believe it will secure yet another compromised electoral victory by clamping down on the members of the ACN through dubious trumped up charges.”

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos ACN.

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