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Date Published: 08/11/10





August 6 – 8, 2010


The 17 th Annual National Convention convened at the instance of Ogberuru Development Association – USA Inc., (ODA USA, INC.), a 501(c) organization, on August 6-8, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio has concluded its deliberations and resolved as follows:

  1. The high confidence of Ogberuru indigenes in Imo State/Nigeria as a united, secular, prosperous and equitable state/nation for all its citizens remains firm.
  2. We strongly urge HRH Eze Iriele and all Ogberuru stakeholders to find and maintain a viable and lasting peace and unity in the community. ODA USA resolved to increase the number of university scholarships it will give in the subsequent academic years. It also planned to embark on other projects such as borehole and renovation/fencing of Ogberuru Secondary School.
  3. We urge the State Government to improve healthcare quality and delivery system in Imo State by embarking of effective preventive care in each community. Unfortunately, people oftentimes die of preventable diseases.
  4. We strongly support and will work diligently for the actualization of a transformed Imo State under the Executive Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim. ODA USA supports Gov Ohakim’s human-oriented programs that are aimed at providing jobs and reducing poverty. We commend the governor for attracting enormous federal presence to our beloved state. We urge him to continue to work hard for the people of Imo State. Political stability and peace in Imo State must be the preeminent concern of all Imo State stakeholders and leadership, irrespective of one’s partisan political leanings. We urge every Imo State citizen to support the governor in building Imo State to meet the world class standard in amenities and standard of living.
  5. We have noticed that Ogberuru community has not attracted any State presence since the inception of Imo State. No Ogberuru indigene has been appointed to serve in any administration; there are no state projects in Ogberuru community. While we commend Gov Ohakim for his programs in the state, we encourage him to ensure that the dividends of democracy reach every corner of the state, particularly the Ogberuru community. ODA USA believes that economic empowerment of the average citizen is a vital tool for achieving rapid and equitable socioeconomic development and uplifting all segments of the Imo State/Nigerian society. Sustenance of economic development is an important ingredient in sustaining democracy.
  6. ODA USA strongly urges the state and federal governments to curb the incessant kidnappings and bring the perpetrators to justice. Security of lives and property, as well as maintenance of quality and standard of goods and services, is an essential ingredient for building a sound economy that is internationally respected. Also, we strongly urge all Nigerians to respect the rule of law in order to sustain Nigeria’s democracy. ODA USA strongly encourages the judiciary to be totally independent from other branches of government. Also, we believe that a truly federalist system of government is the surest way to empower State and local governments to be more accountable for the destiny of their residents.
  7. ODA USA, INC. supports and commends the August 7 th successful LG polls in 27 local government areas. We supported having these elections after a reform of the Local Government system in Imo State, which would ensure credibility of the process; a process that would be devoid of any electoral fraud and other related malpractices in the council polls in 27 LGAs. ODA USA thanks and sincerely commends Gov Ikedi Ohakim and Imo State for conducting a successful credible LG election. We are delighted that the elections were fair, free and without violence. We also urge the government and Imo State citizens to hold the LG chairmen and councilors accountable. We urge the LG Chairmen to utilize the allocations for genuine development projects in their respective areas.
  8. We abhor godfatherism and especially ask new and emerging Igbo leaders to understand that the Igbo hold them to no less a standard than the exceptional leadership provided to our people by the likes of Dr. Michael I. Okpara, Dr. Akanu Ibiam, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Mbonu Ojike, R. Amanze Njoku, Chief Sam Mbakwe, etc. We want them to be responsive to the masses. In the same token, we commend the leadership of Justice Chukwudifu A. Oputa, Prof. Chinua Achebe, Governor Ikedi Ohakim, and others. It’s our hope that the emerging leaders would continue to provide selfless service to the people.
  9. Imo State Government should invest in technical education and educational institutions geared toward providing technical skills. Such institutions should be better equipped and funded to increase their capacity to furnish the needed skilled manpower to drive the local and national economy. In addition, educational curriculum should be geared toward teaching values that promote the culture of democracy. Also, Imo State indigenes should value education more than the culture of materialism. A race without the right education will eventually perish. Therefore, ODA USA resolved to increase the number of university scholarships it will give in the subsequent academic years.
  10. Government should liberalize policies that promote healthy competition. It is imperative that the government should create enabling environment for all businesses, including small scale businesses, to thrive. Business policies should not be made based on ethnic considerations. Igbo business leaders should invest in Ala-Igbo to alleviate the continuing degradation of education and high rate of unemployment.
  11. We affirm that the freedom of press is imperative in a democracy and all media outfits in Nigeria should discharge their responsibly. All media houses should work diligently to inform the masses of all the activities of the government.
  12. Finally, ODA USA, Inc., a 501(c) organization, resolved to hold its 18 th annual convention in Dallas, Texas on August 5 -7, 2011.



  1. Dr. Clement Onyenemezu, President, ODA USA, Inc.
  2. Dr. Acho Orabuchi, President Emeritus, ODA USA, Inc.
  3. Mr. Nnodum Iheme, Secretary, ODA USA, Inc.



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