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Date Published: 07/29/10

Ekiti PDP Government is incapable of arresting the current drift


We wish to advise the moot and mock PDP regime in Ekiti State to urgently throw in the towel and bow to an omnipotent reality that they are breastfeeding a dead baby government.

Since 2007 when the masses loathed interlopers sauntered illegally into Ekiti government house, the state had become prostrate and had experienced untold socio-economic backward integration.

Ekiti State which was known for peace had been afflicted with the culture of violence by the PDP marauders while other core values of hard work, integrity, honesty, civility and respect for elders had been eroded by those for whom these virtues are anathema.

Ekiti PDP is a partridge that hibernates on the egg of geese which it could not hatch successfully. The regime which is always showcasing previous regimes’ achievements as its own has not commissioned a single project since inception three years ago.

For three years, the catch -in-the air government had become a Bermuda Triangle where funds are sunk ominously and integrity taking a flight against the force of gravity.

With over 170 billion accruals from the federation accounts, Ekiti PDP regime had turned development into a pillar of unsweetened salt for the people.

Billions of the State funds had made non-returnable voyage into the venal pockets of government agents, cronies and political guardians.

All sectors had been injected with the venom of retardation with education becoming a beacon of illiteracy and healthcare relapsing into death scare.

Within the illicit tenure of the mandate usurpers, three universities of extra-mural standard had sprung up with warring communities over the siting of such ivory towers of scholarly ironies.

While the State only glorified teaching hospital is disabled by executive carelessness, the clueless contraption is putting sand on sand as a foundation of another hospital in Ado-Ekiti.

The socio–political mendacity of the rolling stone regime is legion; allowing civil servants sweat to dry on their faces with unpaid salaries and allowances for months. While it could not pay workers’ salaries, the fetish regime found it more expedient to  give out a cow and cash  to each local government for sacrifice.

During the 3 perilous years of the corruption festooned regime, almost all critical stakeholders had embarked on protests against the anti-people antics of the poll robbery regime.

For the first time, farmers were on a parade of lamentation in Ekiti against the sacrament of hunger which the regime forced on the state with the eloped 2 billion naira farmers’ assistance funds.

In Ekiti, all sources, fountains and channels of water had been on concession to political nannies who turned water taps into erosion showers and dams to private pools where MDG funds are soaked.

Today, the only sports stadium in the state had been turned upside down by the bulldozers of the venal executive cabal who had shut out Ekiti youths from seeing the shadows of development and healthy activities.

The State broadcasting station had become Ekiti Falsehood Broadcasting Service with a media czar who prowls on his traumatized employed preys with the executive claws and canines of the PDP regime.

The overall result of the PDP misrule in the State is that Ekiti people are presently in anguish, pestilence and frustration while the specter of drift into collapse is daily frightening.

Ekiti PDP regime had become the proverbial bull in the China’s shop. They are down and fear no fall, hence the allusion that the regime is on an executive cart and can ram into whomever.

We pray fervently for divine intervention to save Ekiti from the current state of anomie and liberate her people from slavery.

Yemi Adaramodu

Director of Communications

Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation

July 28, 2010

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