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Date Published: 07/26/10



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July 20, 2010

Press Release on the Creation of Bori State


We, the Ogoni Students’ in diaspora under the auspices of the National Union of Ogoni Students USA, on behalf of ourselves and the people of Ogoni are proud to congratulate the Bori State Movement (BSM) for its monumental achievement. We also want to extend our thanks and sincere appreciation to the people of Andoni, Opobo, Ndoki, Nkoro, and Oyigbo for their total support and commitment toward the creation of Bori State. As the BSM presents the memorandum demanding the creation of BORI STATE out of the present Rivers State to the senate today we must all stand together to ensure that the state is created.

Therefore, in support and appreciation to this historic achievement NUOS INTL USA does hereby states as follows:

1        We are grateful to the Senate President, Dr David Mark as the first Senate President to have a listening ear to Nigerian common problems; particularly state creation as well as sparing time out of his busy schedule to recognized and accept our memorandum for the creation of BORI STATE.

2        We are indeed grateful to the Nigerian National Assembly, especially Senator Lee Maeba for his support and commitment towards actualizing the submission of the memorandum to the Senate.

3        NUOS-USA, therefore, implores all sons and daughters of the proposed Bori State to rally round former Senator, Dr Gbene Cyrus Nunieh and High Chief Dr. Awoh, President and Secretary of Bori State Movement to actualize this dream.

4        NUOS is also grateful to President Goodluck Jonathan for ensuring that the agenda of late president Yar-Adua is pursued. We hope that his administration takes state creation very seriously and also ensure that Bori State is created.

       Again, we thank the Bori State Movement, Dr. David Mark and all people of goodwill for their endless support towards this decade’s long demand from these vulnerable minorities because we strongly believe that the creation of Bori State will transform our society and bring about the much needed development to the people, Niger Delta and the country at large. NUOS INTL USA, therefore, uses this opportunity to call on the international communities, nongovernmental organizations to stand with Bori State for we cannot do it alone. Finally, we may all recall that the last time there was state creation in Nigerian; Ogoni State was recommended but wasn’t created, so we cannot let that happen again.



Pius Nwinee                             Sampson Npimnee                                            Baridakara Sunday

(President)                                   (Secretary)                                                             (PRO)

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