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Date Published: 07/16/10



Red Alert in the Niger-Delta Region.

An adage that a child who says his mother will not sleep, shall also never know peace, speaks alot. We the members of the above mentioned body is being compelled once more to come out in vehement defence as patriots of the nation's wealth and our commitments to zonal values from men who will stop at nothing in their concerted efforts to sabotage our economy and also lure our youths wrongfully along criminal paths that definately leads to perdition.

It is no news today the evident results of our tireless efforts in keeping our youths away from the satanic intention of foreigners who have stormed our shores with coastal tankers to steal crude oil from our creeks. Our resolve is strong and with the support coming from our duty bound patriots in the various security agencies, our previous tales of outstanding successes shall be greeted with additional landmark victories.

The battle has not been easy,huge resources are spent on continuous basis on information gathering from our numerous informants that cuts across the many creeks of the region. We are not discouraged as we crave the gratitude of posterity. Our aim is to retain intergrity amongst our people, gain the respect of observers and find success in the area of discouraging saboteurs who want at all cost to enlarge their coast at the detriment of economic stability of the nation.

We remember the arrest of over six coastal tankers from navigable and non navigable channels of the Niger-Delta to the Atlantic ocean.These were vessels caught in the act of grevious economic sabotage,stealing crude oil from the creeks,encouraging our youths to pick up arms against their government so as to make the creeks accessible and attempting to corrupt our security operatives.

The economic ramification is enomous as millions of dollars is lost, even at that, the effect of the economic minus is not as important as the danger these clandestine operation pose in terms of damages to mangroove vegetation, biodiversity, aquatic species and ecology of our beloved region. While economic losses with the right strategy can be fixed, degredation of nature remains a huge challenge to today's science.These perhaps explains some of the reasons why we have undertaken as patriots to take our destiny in our hands in the task of ensuring that our communities are well protected from further devastation.

It bleeds our heart to know that since the amnesty offer by the federal government,a few of our people are still been used by the perpetrators of this heinous crime of unpardonable magnitude.We are not discouraged by the threats of a notorious Greek national criminal who alongside his Nigerian allies especially a notable retired Navy Admiral from the region owns all the seized coastal tankers exposed recently by our group. No doubts, we expect a big fight from these identified enemies of the state but our intentions are as good as our resolve is strong, We are determined more than ever before in this collective struggle and will not relent till we rid the region of criminalities that tends not only to destroy our region but plunge our national economy into shambles.

NDWV make bold to reirerate our achievements as highlighted in our publication of March 9,2010. One of such major breakthrough was recorded in February 7,2003, when we defiled all entreaties to make available some privilege information gotten from our informants to security operatives that led to the arrest of the celebrated MT Africa Pride, an operation that was bankrolled by this same Greek national in collaboration with some powerful syndicate in the country including highly placed retired naval Admirals who incited some serving officers in strategic positions to carryout the ill-fated oil deal which was later to consume these senior officers in the course of investigation.

It is on record that this group played a significant role in the arrest of a very large Ocean-going vessel, MT Akuada, brought into the Nigeria waters by no other person than this questionable foreign character with his powerful local collaborators that was intercepted along the Delta waterways while sailing out after beating security operatives at various strategic location along the creek with the loaded stolen crude before the members of NDWV raised an alarm that led to the signal from the Naval high command that made the arrest possible.

The group was also responsible for exposing the desperate and deceitful move by the members of these illegal oil bunkering syndicate who in conivance with certain members of staff of Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) create document for fraudulent evacuation,based on which request is put forward to Defence Headquarters.The inflence of the retired admirals blanketed in the falsehood of a dubious claim then facilitates an approval from the Naval Headquaters.With this approval reaching the operational zones,commanding officers become powerless,and watch helplessly as stolen crude is moved unhindered. Access to the creek is granted;mission to steal crude directly from well heads,tapped lines upon gaining entrance to these locations.

We, the members of NDWV had repeatedly made Nigerians and indeed the entire world to be aware of how these oil thieves have made neighbouring countries like Ghana and Benin Republic their new haven after it was discovered that their operations in the country had continuously been exposed. It was based on this revealation by our group that MT SHEKINAH was arrested with 17 Ghanian nationals on board the vessel. It is now evident from investigations that most of the foreigners especially the intrenational Mafia in Greece who is neck-deep involved in this criminal act in the country have resorted to operate with their Nigerian collaborators from their base in Ghana and other couintries from where their vessels sails to the international black markets with stolen crude.

At this point, it has become pertinent to state that the success stories so far recorded by this group will not be complete without mentioning the role played by some patriotic members of our security community. Worthy of note is the JTF Sector Commander in Bayelsa state, Col. Victor Ezegwu, for his resolve and commitment in ensuring that the activities of these criminal elements are curtailed in his area of operation. The recent breakthrough in the arrest ot MT GLORY was highly appreciated. We also wish to acknowledge the contribution of the Commanding Officer of NNS DELTA, Commodore Babalola, in the ongoing war against illegal bunkering along Delta waterways. The arrest of MT SCORPION in the month of May, 2010 remains a remarkable achievement and we applaud you for it.

Information available to us reveals with adequate proof that these colaborators have again deceitfully employing the influence of their godfather, the very highly revered retired Navy Admiral who secured the clearance for this latest operation in the name of his company, Safeguard Nig.Ltd and had gotten the approval from the Naval Headquarters to move into the creeks and evacuate cargoes from seized barges and Cotonu boats that had submerged along the coastal areas. With this, it would be easier for them to divert into carryingout their misson of loading their vessels either from the trunk-lines or directly from the well-heads of some major multi-national oil firms operating along their targetted locations. We have it on a good authority that the signal to this effect had already been forwarded to NNS Delta.The implication of this is that the approval having come from the Naval Headquarters automatically dwarfs the relevance of the Commanding Officer(CO) in monitoring illegal activities in his area of authority, while these miscreants make away with Nigerian crude worth over three billion Naira. Same approval was gotten, with signal almost reaching the Officer-In-Charge of the Foward Operational Base(FOB) in Igbokoda allowing movement of over 300 tankers from waterfronts around Ondo state.

The proceeds from these transactions overwhelms even the biggest of government contracts, so our desperate youths have started showing interest and are already being recruited as foot-soldiers for this operation. Interestingly also, they have started looking in this direction as means to magical financial breakthrough.The worry for us members of NDWV is that the value of the region that we have through the amnesty tried with success to salvage is exposed once more to serious perils,a situation we can not allow.

We make this paid advert now inorder to prevent this move by alerting the appropriate goverment agencies. We hope and pray they swing into action. NDWV is watching developments in this regard with keen interest and we hope to follow-up with more revelation as events unfolds. This way we would preserve the intergrity of the region and avoid a situation where outsiders and a few self-seeking indigeines would create armed groups under certain guise to protect their illegal business.This we fear because the major culprits,a certain chief Jerome of Omo-Jay Nigeria Limited who we believe works with a highly revered retired Navy Admiral in alliance with a few indigenious dissidents, notably among them a prominent traditional title holder from Gbaramatu clan, one Chief Jonathan, popularly known as JOGOF,(a major supplier of the stolen crude cargos used by the cartel) are working based on their convictions that the amnesty was specifically designed to frustrate their business interest in the region. We in the NDWV believes that if adequate measures are not taking in the right direction to checkmate this ugly trend and their perpetrators the legacies in memory of the late President Musa Yar'adua in ensuring sustainable peace in the region through the amnesty program might soon become a mirage. GOD FORBID.

Consequent upon this,We call on the good people of the Niger-Delta region particularly those who shares in our passion and believes in the on-going war we are waging against those we have identified as common enemies of the state and our beloved homeland to join hands with us in this herculean task of salvaging our environment from further degration by these evil men who are bent on destroying us at all cost for their selfish interest. We are doing this not for ourselves but in the interest of posterity that stands to judge us should we continue to fold our hands and watch helplessly this inhumane delibrate destruction of our communities continued unabated. Time to act is NOW.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless the Niger-Delta Region.
God protect Niger-Delta Waterways Vigilante(NDWV)


Chief Gabriel Okolosi Barr. Timi Opukumah
National Coordinator National Secretary

Mobile; 08037730452 (ONLY SMS PLS)


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