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Date Published: 07/12/10


SGMJJ/OA/ IBB/11072010                                                                      JULY 10, 2010   

IBB Stop Campaigning

It is disheartening to observe with great disbelief and shock that the same man who declared war on us in l993 is now back again cunningly canvassing to contest for the Presidential elections come 2011, goes a long way to prove that Nigerians are really fed up with life and do not even care about what happens to them, even in the face of glaring danger induced by fear and doubts.

I have been caring for the safety of the peoples of the world right from Nigeria since l980 when I assumed the Divine position of the Living Perfect Master of this age and cannot therefore overlook or be silent on the dangers that an IBB Presidency portends for Nigerians and Africa and its global implications for the progress of the Negro and world peace.

From all indications IBB and the Cabal Group who enjoy the fraternity of the  Oyinbos as their commission agents, at all times,  have failed  to accept that the decree that asked him to quit Aso Rock in l993 and stopped his clamour for imminent war to turn Nigeria and indeed the whole West t Africa into confusion for possible re-colonisation,  is still  in force.

IBB is hereby warned to stop further campaigns to be president or face the wrath of the Ancestors and Gods of the land  who have asked me to withdraw all the spiritual cover I have been giving him since 1993 for him to face prosecution on the natural law of what you sow you reap, for swindling and instituting the silent mass destruction of the lives and economies of the pride of the black race which has gravely impeded the  process of  recovery from  the present unwarranted social, economic and political stagnation.

For now there should be no elections until August 2012 to enable President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan  and some God fearing Nigerians,  to clear  the very many traps, studs and clogs, IBB and his cabal group, who wrongly believe, arrogate and pride themselves  that Nigeria is their property and so can do whatever they like, forgetting  that  Yorubas, Igbos, Ogonis, Aworis, Hausas,  Itsekiris, Benins, Akans, etc., are human beings as well who are about the best in the world today  and  among whom were and still are  the first scientists, doctors, technologists and humble good men and women whose love, mercy and immeasurable care has created the reserve of ozone layers presently keeping the world safe and secure, cannot be brushed aside anymore, because the Father of the human race is around to ensure there is self respect, honour, equality of man, justice, freedom and oneness of mankind.

The Nigerian Leaders should wake up to save the country from breaking up by stopping this war monger called IBB before its too late.  This is the time to change or the Weather will cause a change to take place and don’t forget that any trouble here now will affect the entire planet earth.

Once again,  IBB, IBB, IBB, get out of the way of Nigeria’s progress while  I congratulate the Nigeria Press for keeping close watch to expose such leaders remembering that at times you would step on the feet of others, but please be timeous  and  courageous to apologise where necessary to promote trust and cooperation at all times.

Congrats Children of Light, Long Live Nigeria, Africa and the World.

My Love and Blessings


Living Perfect Master


cc:       All The Kings of our Land;

All Politicians;

All Social Groups

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