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Date Published: 07/07/10

Project IGALA
Launches Anti-Violence/ Thuggery Campaign

As part of its aggregated efforts at implementing effective and efficient Youth Policy Framework which will foster and create avenues for worthy interactions, vocational trainings, skills/knowledge acquisition, gainful empowerment and recreational activities as a bulwark against illiteracy (low boy-child education) and thuggery in Igala land, Project IGALA has launched the first leg of its media campaign against thuggery and youth related violence in Igala land.

The Campaign, which was launched on the 1st of June 2010 aspires to establish Youth Development Groups in the Nine LGAs in Kogi East with a view to positioning Igala land to benefit from the UN’s World Programme of Action for Youths in the 21st century, activate affirmative and decisive actions aimed at providing amenities and schemes that will keep them gainfully employed and busy, directing the energies of our youths to worthy and scholarly ventures while denouncing thuggery and violence in all its manisfestations.

Speaking at the press conference that heralded the launch at Anyigba, the Moderator of the Group, Mr. Atayi Babs declared that "the time has come for all elites of Igala extraction to unite and arrest the present rising wave of thuggery and violence as Igala land can no longer afford a sustained bonfire of its hopes and aspirations to greatness and prosperity on the altar of youth recklessness and governmental inertia." He further extended his group's invitation to all stakeholders and interest groups for extensive collaborations aimed at reversing the ugly trend.

The media campaign which currently runs on Radio Kogi Ochaja on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays (all in Igala language) broadcasts selected messages of hope for a brighter future and possibilities of transformation, culled from Project IGALA's online discussion forum. The campaign also proffers worthy alternatives and rehabilitation for repentant thugs all on Project IGALA's account. Online versions of the campaign can be accessed on: http://www.facebook .com/profile. php?id=100000112 882387 and http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/IgalaProje ct

Musa Jacob,


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