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Date Published: 05/24/10

Ekiti PDP Government plunging the State into huge debts


Ekiti PDP illegitimate regime had become a god in the shrine of corruption and illegality with its intention to swell the state’s debt portfolio with another 3 billion naira loan, ostensibly to settle a backlog of unpaid workers’ salaries.

This is an act of fiscal rascality of perfidious politicians who had dug a hole in the treasury of Ekiti State to satisfy their insatiable end-time local and vassal godfathers and artificially constructed comrades in perfidy from Osun State.

This proposed loan is in spite of the huge amounts from the federation accounts and the regimes self orchestrated daily ballooning Internally Generated Revenue.

It is obvious that the PDP regime would go as usual, cap in hand to an unsuspecting bank for this huge loan without legislative approval since it has laid the powers and authority of the state legislature on a stretcher.

The barren regime of PDP in Ekiti had, despite accruals to the state, turned the state into a den of bushmen with unarguably the worst road network in Nigeria, three handicapped State Universities which are ivory towers of Babel, worst than consulting clinic hospitals and a museum of workforce with human artifacts of motionless professionals.

It is curious that a state which recently revealed raking an average of 2billion monthly, resorting to borrowing to meet simple routine of salary payment to a sizeable workforce.

We believe that the State till had become manna for political Pontious Pilates whose high appetite do not succumb to gravity.

We wish to advise acquiescing banks of these bogus and illicit loans to be careful and reflect on the consequences of swelling the vault of their bad debts and don’t act the fly that follows the corpse into the grave.

The current odious desire of the PDP regime to burrow the state further into indebtedness should be frowned at by the State Legislature which had helplessly watched the executive, while approved budgets and appropriation are turned into glorified but inglorious authentic note book.

We demand that the PDP regime publish all its 3 year takings from the federation account, VAT, excess crude oil, IGR and grants from MDGs alongside the projects that had consumed these mountains of Ekiti funds.

Ekiti PDP regime is a millennial template for mass poverty and popular despondency.

We equally challenge the PDP governor and his deputy who had usually but derisively called for an independent affidavit to prompt their probe, to step down for such probe since constitutional immunity cannot be waived.

Yemi Adaramodu

Director of Communications

Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation

May 18, 2010

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