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Date Published: 05/18/10


UWAIS Report - VS - FACE BOOK Account

‘Once again, I commit myself to working with all Nigerians, especially the youth to bring the sad days of electoral malfeasance to end.


As part of my contribution to this debate, I will set up a Face Book Account that will focus primarily on the exchange of ideas.’    ………..His Excellency, Dr Jonathan Goodluck, 15 May 2010

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties {CNPP} has challenged His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Jonathan to drop the idea of setting up a Face Book Account, as his contribution to the debate for electoral reform and opined that Mr President should rather submit the three Bills therein in the Uwais Report as Executive Bills to the National Assembly for adoption.

In a statement at Abuja, the CNPP laments that President Goodluck Jonathan is regrettably from all indication either out of touch with the diversionary tactics, contempt and scant commitment of the National Assembly as per genuine electoral reform or is in an unholy alliance with the National Assembly to dump the Uwais Report.

They frowned with the National Assembly for placing inconsequential issues like educational qualification of candidates above core recommendations of the Uwais Report like insulation of the president from single handedly appointing INEC chairman and key officers.

In the statement signed by Mr Osita Okechukwu, CNPP National Publicity Secretary, the group said that the rational commitment they expect from President Jonathan is to mobilize forthwith the over 800 out 990 Hon Members of State Houses of Assembly nationwide, over 260 out of 360 Hon Members of the Federal House of Representatives and over 90 out of 109 Distinguished Senators of the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} which he leads, to alter the relevant sections of the 1999 Constitution and 2006 Electoral Act in accordance with the Uwais Report; instead of wittingly embarking on Face Book voyage of discovery.

Finally the CNPP notes that time is of essence, especially when genuine electoral reform is the most precious legacy President Jonathan can earnestly bequeath to Nigerians and which cannot be achieved through Face Book Account; as the Uwais Report is an article of faith and guiding principle in any attempt to construct a truly Independent National  Electoral Commission. Hence abolish the sad days of electoral malfeasance.

Osita Okechukwu
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