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Date Published: 05/12/10


Keyamo complains of disobedience of Court Order by Police  


The fact of this case in simple English language is that the Jarmakanis namely: Zeid, Anwar and Wael Jarmakani are blood relatives from Syria have been in possession of a parcel of land known as Plot B, Ikosi Road, Oregun, Lagos State.  

Inside the said parcel of land, a fraction of it known as “Trade House” has always been occupied by Zeid and Wael Jarmakani and other companies for over 30 years. Recently, Anwar Jarmakani who doubles as the Chairman, Jagal Group of Companies and Niger Dock (Nig) Plc developed the inordinate ambition of depriving Mr. Zeid Jarmakani, and his son Wael Jarmakani of their property.  

In furtherance of that inordinate ambition, Mr. Anwar Jarmakani approached the court to give him title. But Mr. Anwar Jarmakani is not a patient man. Hence his resort to self-help which lies in employing the services of the Nigerian Police, thugs and hirelings to forcefully harass, beat and intimidate Mr. Zeid Jamarkani and Wael Jarmakani all in a bid to usurp title from our clients, Mr. Zeid Jarmakani.  

The harassment of Mr. Zeid and Wael Jarmakani climaxed when Mr. Anwar Jarmakani on 12 th April, 2010 ordered his goons to block the entrance of our clients’ premises with two containers. He did not stop there; he equally sealed off the gate of our clients’ premises with a welding machine, and concealed the trading signs and logo of our clients’ company.  

Our clients promptly incidented the matter at the nearby Area ‘F’ Police Command. The command’s response was swift. They visited the locus inquo, towed the containers to their command and commenced investigation.  

Surprisingly, the Lagos State Police Command called for the case file and ordered our client, Mr. Wael Jarmakani to return the offending containers back to the entrance of his premises which he did. Again, on the 21 st of April, 2010. Mr. Anwar ordered his men to seal up our clients’ office using same containers returned on the instruction of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State.  

At this juncture, our clients approached the court for the redress of his breached fundamental rights. And the court on the 28 th day of April, 2010 in a well considered ruling ordered as follows:  

    • An Interim Injunction restraining 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd respondents, their agents, servants, privies, officers, and/or howsoever called from arresting, detaining, intimidating and/or harassing the Applicants in connection with the facts of this case pending the substantive hearing and determination of the Originating Motion on Notice dated 23/4/10 which shall be fixed for substantive hearing immediately after this Ruling.
    • An Interim Injunction compelling the 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd Respondents to stay all actions in connections with the facts of this pending the determination of Originating Motion.
    • As the price for this interim injunction the Applicants shall file an undertaking as to damages not later than 3 working days from today.
    • By way of further and/or other orders all the containers shown in the Photographs Exhibits A2, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 and A9 shall be removed forthwith by the 3 rd Respondent so as to allow the  Courts determine this matter in a n environment devoid of any appearance howsoever of the superiority of self-help over due process.”

It is pertinent to note that the court by way of further order as provided by the Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules, 2009 specifically ordered Mr. Anwar Jarmakani to immediately remove the offending containers blocking the entrance of our clients’ premises.  

However, in flagrant disobedience of the court order, Mr. Anwar Jarmakani under the cover and connivance of the Nigerian Police have continuously disobeyed the lawful orders of the court by harassing, intimidating and further violating the rights of our clients which the court restored in its considered ruling/order right to this moment.  

On the 11 th of May, 2010, our clients Zeid and Wael Jarmakani were denied access into the close that leads to their premises - a road maintained by taxpayers money. His solicitor (Festus Afeiyodion) who was on appointment at that material time was falsely imprisoned for about five hours by some private security men and policemen acting on the prompting of Mr. Anwar Jamarkani.  

No sooner had Mr. Wael and his Solicitor left the scene than Mr. Anwar Jamarkani in the company of heavily-armed mobile policemen from Mopol 22, Ikeja broke in to Mr. Wael Jarmakani’s premises, beat up his workers and guests, chased them out of the premises and for the umpteenth time, sealed up the premises. All this in the face of a subsisting court order!  

Lastly, our clients ran to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, armed with the certified true copy of the court order but was bluntly told by the Commissioner that there was nothing the police could do to halt the rape and desecration of a subsisting court order.  


Festus Afeiyodion, Esq      Vitalis Ahaotu, Esq.

Counsel         Counsel


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