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Date Published: 05/05/10


4 th May, 2010 

The Inspector General of Police

Nigeria Police Force

Force Headquarters

Louis Edet House


Dear Sir, 

Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police conspiracies with Governor Timipre Sylva and Cohorts in planting guns and explosives in houses and business premises of perceived opposition and good governance activists 


You may recall sir that during the struggle for the enthronement of democracy when NADECO was in the forefront of the agitation for an end to military rule, NADECO members were accused by the government of the day as being responsible for the incidences of bomb blasts in the country. But events thereafter has proven that agents of the State, including police officers were responsible for the planting  of those bombs and NADECO was merely implicated to give the impression they were terrorists and enemy of the State. 

In my situation, due to my resignation as Special Adviser Mobilization & Reorientation to the Governor of Bayelsa State on the 3 rd of March and my opposition to the looting of the State’s treasury, of which I granted series of press interviews, I was tagged an enemy of government.

On the 4 th of July 2009, there was a shootout in Yenagoa by unknown gun men suspected to be agents of the Bayelsa State Government. On the 5 th of July the police came while I was playing tennis and left a message that I should report at their office which I immediately complied with on my return home. 

On getting to the police Station i was confronted with a nebulous charge of attempted murder on one Michael Wenibowei. After giving my statement I was detained. The police then went to my house and arrested every person in my house including my security persons and had them detained at the State CID where I was also detained. However they were released late at in the night after several hours of detention. 

I was taken by the Police to my house very early the next morning 6 th of July by the Police on what they called searching and to my amazement, the police led by ACP David Akinremi, who was guided through a telephone conversation led us all including other police officers to my fence beside my soundproof generating set and lying on the bare floor were 2 nos. pump action rifle  

I was subsequently charged to court by the police after spending over a week under inhuman condition at the State CID and the court being the last hope of the common man dismissed and acquitted me off all the charges of murder and illegal possession of fire arms. 

Just yesterday, 3 rd of May 2010 explosives placed inside a car was found at the premises of a hotel owned by the wife of the Bayelsa State Deputy Governor. This was after a car laden with explosives went off the night before. 

Sir, I am constrained to bring to your immediate knowledge these events because of their similarity of occurrence with the explosives found in a car parked inside the hotel premises which is a public place. It is clear that a pattern to blackmail and frame up political opponents of Governor Sylva as was done in my case. 

What is interesting to me and the basis of my high suspicion on the involvement of the commissioner of police and these agents of the Bayelsa State government: Richard Kpodo, SA to Governor Timipre Sylva on Security; Samuel Ogbukwu, Chief of Staff to Governor Sylva and Bekes Etifa, Commissioner for Conflict Resolution; is the speed at which the police traced and discovered the car that was laden with explosives and parked in a public hospitality facility owned by a perceived political enemy of Governor Timipre Sylva. 

I appeal to you Sir to use your good offices to investigate this and other incidences including mine in other for you to establish the connivance between the Commissioner of Police and the Bayelsa State Government to frame up law abiding Bayelsans who happen to have political difference with Governor Timipre Sylva. 

Also I am aware that the Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Onuoha Uka Udeka is on the brink of retiring and as such is very desperate to do the illegal, criminal and unlawful bidding of a corrupt government and its officials. 

If the Nigeria Police Force must be seen to be fighting crime at all levels then it must investigate all her suspected corrupt officers so that Nigerians can be boldly speaking and objectively opposing corrupt political office holders, because objective criticism is the spirit of democracy. 

Famous Daunemigha

Former Deputy President

Ijaw Youth Council 

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