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Date Published: 04/29/10


Senator Iyiola Omisore is frustrated


We are not taken aback by the vituperations of the incongruous Senator Iyiola Omisore against Dr. Kayode Fayemi, that the AC gubernatorial candidate wishes to assume Ekiti governorship without experience.

We don’t expect a cursed tree to bear a blessed fruit; hence the process that lifts Omisore to his insidious height is an intoxicant that could lead him to a collision course with his superiors.

In a decent clime, for his insipid outburst, Omisore, who suffers from “Acquired Integrity Deficiency Syndrome”, would be sent to a reformatory home to take a lesson in the study of the life and achievements of Dr. Fayemi, an accomplished world scholar, Advisor to  governments, world bodies, a rights and democracy activist.

We had wished Omisore glued himself to silence, after inflicting festering injuries on Ekiti State with his imported thugs who maimed our youths during the 2009 rerun election.

It is apposite that Omisore, a political louse who had allegedly cornered all available fake road contracts in Ekiti would become edgy with the current travails of his ludicrous PDP host regime that is irretrievably drowning.

Iyiola Omisore who has a case with nature over his role in the decimation of perceived opponents in Yoruba land would not have coughed aloud to attract the attention of nemesis.

The Senator by default, who could only feel warm in the cocoon of his fellow electoral robbers, could not locate the vast experience of Dr. Fayemi in public service, since only the deep can call to the deep. We however advise him to see his superiors for a handout on Dr. Fayemi whose son is more knowledgeable than the OND deserter.

If Omisore is not at war with knowledge and had not traversed Nigeria politics with his eyes and ears closed, he would have felt the sights and sounds of Dr. Fayemi in NEPAD, ECOWAS, and Nigeria’s now bastardized MDGs.

We hope that Omisore does not equate experience with a stint in prison custody over alleged murder.

The cruel reality that Ekiti people clamour daily for Dr. Fayemi while visiting their political ball boy with reproach is actually driving a long nail into their skulls hence, the usual relapse into political palsy and psychological instability.

We thus advise Omisore to disband the colony of marabouts who are feeding fat on him, on the pretext of ecumenical intervention for his Ekiti rolling stone PDP regime.

Yemi Adaramodu

Director of Communications

Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation

April 28, 2010

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