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Date Published: 04/28/10

27th April 2010.

Press Release.

“Let’s Help Dismantle PDP”, Lagos AC Charges Nigerians.


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has posited that for real democracy to thrive in Nigeria, the PDP must be dismantled. The party therefore sees the present crisis bedeviling the PDP as not just a natural reaction to the induced strength of the PDP but also a necessary process the country’s politics must undergo to reform and set in motion credible political processes shorn of the manipulative ends it has been employed so far by the PDP.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says that so far, what has kept the PDP is the naked greed for unearned power and influence which the PDP has used to distort the process of democracy in Nigeria. it says that what is happening to the PDP at present conforms to the natural interplay of the dialectics and shows that nothing evil lasts forever.

“Ordinarily, we should be sympathetic that the PDP is presently undergoing a protracted crisis but when we note that the party was conceived, sustained and promoted with the aim of fraudulently annexing power and employing same for ulterior purposes. As has been shown in the last eleven years, we have no option than to wish that that cabal split and allow politics to be played just the way it should be. We therefore see the present crisis in the PDP as a deserved desert for a party that believes that power should be captured and annexed through the vilest and crudest means.

“The eleven years the PDP has been in power has been the darkest, the most corrupt, the most rudderless and the most dangerous for Nigerians and if a party, like salt, loses its taste, it must be discarded where it must be trampled by all. To the extent that the PDP has consistently been the biggest problem afflicting Nigeria in the last eleven years, it is the considered opinion of Lagos AC and indeed the vast majority of Nigerians that the PDP must give way for Nigeria and Nigerians to prosper.

“Lagos AC notes that over 95 per cent of the problems and crises afflicting our nation and the floundering democracy in practice in Nigeria presently is traceable to the evil influences of the PDP in the body politic. We believe that its death or breakup is in tandem with the laws of nature, which abhor the kind of underhand practices and sheer roguery that has so far accounted for the growth of the PDP and the decimation of Nigeria in the past eleven years.

“We therefore urge all Nigerians to do all within their powers to ensure that the PDP dies as artificially as it was forged as a power raking machine that cares not about the process or the ends to which power is put. We encourage all Nigerians to ensure that democracy is encouraged to thrive through the death of the cabal in the PDP that has worked against the natural growth of democracy.

“Lagos AC maintains that a party that has ensured mass privation, reckless and audacious corruption, mass unemployment, galloping inflation, ceaseless insecurity, religious acrimony, ethnic tension, grinding mass poverty, senseless political killings, progressive infrastructural decay, armed robbery, electoral fraud, kidnapping, wanton impunity and gross vices that have almost destroyed this country must be helped to the grave for the country to start the process of growth, which had been denied it during the eleven years the PDP has raped the nation. We encourage the raging crisis in the PDP and hope that from the ashes of the present crisis, Nigeria shall be great again.”

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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