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Date Published: 04/27/10

26th April 2010. 

Press Release. 

“PDP Will Die in the South West in 2011”, Lagos AC Tells Obasanjo. 


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has described the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo’s charge to members of the South West PDP to take over Lagos and Ondo States as the chirruping of a fading apostle of do and die politics and the wishful longings of the godfather of electoral fraud. The party says given Obasanjo’s pedigree as one of the worst rulers that presided over the affairs of this country, his desire to annex Lagos and Ondo to the cartel of thieves called PDP is a wish that can never ever come to reality. 

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the AC, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC said that Obasanjo knows the futility of the charge he gave to the dying cartel of mis-governance, electoral fraud, economic rape and wanton corruption, which he left after eight blistering years in power. It warns Obasanjo to prepare for the extinction of his house of fraud called South West PDP instead of dreaming for elusive additional empires he will never get. 

“While we may not ascertain if the dazed subalterns he was addressing were amused by this dry joke of capturing Lagos by a by-gone godfather of electoral fraud and corruption, we state that it will take the dumbest fool to believe that Obasanjo has any iota of influence on the voters in the South West at present. But we believed that more discerning followers of Obasanjo should have asked him why he failed to annex Lagos after eight years of desperate maneuvering and why Ondo slipped from his corrupt control. We all know that Obasanjo is the chief apostle of electoral fraud, manipulation, impunity, vote robbery and electoral forgery and he is predicating his strange dream of additional empires. But if he was not playing political fraud on his slaves whom he practically stole into power in the South West, he would have told them why he was unable to steal Lagos and Ondo in the last farcical election he supervised. 

“Obasanjo knows fully well that the South West PDP is a dying cartel of desperadoes he artificially forced into power in the South West. He knows that the score card of the PDP governments he corruptly entrenched in the South West has been disastrous and he knows that the South West hates his PDP with a passion just as they hate him with equal favour for the arid result of his awful tenure between 1999 and 2007. Obasanjo did all he could to annex Lagos for eight years and failed woefully while he still had the power to forge results from his bedroom and deploy every instrument of force to sustain such fraud. He knew how Ondo was wrenched from the hands of his hirelings even when he openly engaged in desperate acts to ensure his lackeys were not thrown out of power in the state.  

“Obasanjo knows fully well that his PDP never won any state in the South West in the abracadabra he shamelessly promoted as the 2007 general election. He knows that he is detested for wasting the chance of the South West for eight years with nothing to show for it. He knows that the terrible state of roads and infrastructures in the South West are grand testimonies of his loud failure as president. He knows that the people of the South West have never subscribed to his political philosophy and will never support his party or the lackeys he sponsored to destroy the South West. 

“It is natural that out of power and obsessed with the desire to remain relevant, Obasanjo would relish any opportunity to offer the artificial cabal he hewed up in the South West some false hope to inflate their sagging strength and faith. His empty and unrealizable dream of capturing Lagos and Ondo, from his Otta hole is just one of such false hopes that leads his dazed hirelings called the South West PDP nowhere because it will not arrest the death of that cosmetic gathering of political locusts that have completely rendered the South West barren after eight regrettable years of forced leadership. 

“The reality facing South West PDP is that of total extinction by 2011 and Obasanjo is powerless to reverse this progressive trend. With the imminent loss of Ekiti and Ondo via the election tribunals, the complete wiping out of the man-made distortion called the South West PDP is just a reality Obasanjo will live to witness. He is merely trying to mobilize fast-disappearing strength by making outlandish promises about capturing two states where the PDP, is almost completely not present. We want Obasanjo to quietly savour the infamy he brought upon himself by his terrible rulership instead of day dreaming of achieving the impossible, which his present adventure amounts to.” 


Joe Igbokwe. 

Publicity Secretary, 

Lagos AC.


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