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Date Published: 05/30/11

Anyim is New SGF as Jonathan sacks Ministers


Former senate president, Pius Anyim has been picked as the next Secretary to the Government of the Federation(SGF ), has learnt.

It was also gathered that President Goodluck Jonathan today dissolved his cabinet , while retaining General Owoyei Azazi as National Security Adviser ( NSA).

All Special Advisers were also directed to handover to the most senior civil servant in the departments

The spot was zoned to the south east amidst protest from stake holders. The issue almost split the zone as the Ohaneze and the south east disagreed over who makes the pick.

A large slice of south east politicians had seen the position of SGF as a slight considering the fact that the ousted chairman Okwesileze Nwodo is from that zone.

Those from the zone also saw the SGF pie as not huge enough because the zone voted 100 per cent for the party in all the elections.

A groundswell of opinion from that zone had wanted the Speaker's spot, which curiously the south west retained despite the dismal showing of the PDP in the zone.

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