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Togo Lift Ban On Adebayor, Others

The Togolese Football Federation (TFT) has lifted a suspension imposed on Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor and two other players in March.


He was axed along with striker Kader Cougbadja and defender Nibombe Dare in a row over unpaid World Cup bonuses.


The TFT said in a statement that it reinstated the players to the national squad "due to demand from the population, the sporting public and the senior sporting authorities of the country."


The statement added that the decision was "in the higher interest of football, today a factor in reconciliation and national unity."


The trio are demanding payments they claim are outstanding after Togo qualified for the first time for the World Cup finals last year.


Adebayor, who scored twice in Togo's 3-1 victory over Sierra Leone in March, has said he was considering his international future after receiving death threats when he threatened to boycott the Nations Cup qualifiers.


According to the federation, the three players want a further US$60,800 on top of the US$100,000 francs they have already been paid.


The federation says it does not have any additional funds to pay them.


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