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The Road Traps Are Back by Ostino Eleganzo


"The road traps are back". By Regina Akpabio


The Nigerian press bore me to almost death most of time. The article "The road traps are back" By Regina Akpabio is a case in point. The article was beautifully written and I suppose the research was well done. But the conclusion was flawed and of no significant.

"One hopes that government will find a solution soon", what a lame excuse, Hello there! who is the government? it is not you and me, more so you that work in the press, you have the major power to influence and protect the public as long as your guardian is the truth and your only fear is the God almighty.

Let me tell you how things work with some other "civilized" press in other countries, not necessarily western world. This might explain the true meaning why the pen is actually mightier than the sword.

Congrats! you have rightly discovered and publicized a very dangerous law and order situation that needs immediate attention, instead of a dull conclusion like the one Miss Akpabio have proffered, your civic duty is to direct this very important law and order
break down to the state commissioner of police immediately. If the commissioner did not respond urgently, since this a matter of live and death situation, then you should let we, the people and by extension, the Government know about it.

The onus is left for the police commissioner to tell us, we the people, being also the Government, that employed him/her and pay his/her salary from our taxes, why he/she could not secure our roads from the so called area boys. If the police can not perform
such a basic and simplistic function of stopping hoodlums from digging up our major highways at night, then we may as well invite the UN for help.

To make the the whole system more accountable and fair, if for example, one Miss Segina Akpabioma was attacked after-wards and she was lucky to be alive, then she have the right to sue the commissioner of police for damages. The Guardian can bear witness because they indeed informed the commissioner who took an oath to protect life and property of the people but fail in his/her duty to do so. The buck stops at the commissioners door.

Finally, I am sure you think you deserve to be rewarded for letting Joe public know the dangers of area boys digging holes on our highways, so to each it's own,  to be save, people! do not travel after dark, hence the Guardian news paper have warned you that holes are dug in the highways by area boys. Be restricted, be prisoners in your homes or offices after dark until we the people, being the government does something about it, says the the Guardian News paper of Nigeria.


Ostino Eleganzo


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