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Open Letter To Mr. Micheal Aondoakaa (AGF?) by Ostino Eleganzo


August 9th 2007

Open Letter to Mr. Micheal Aondoakaa (AGF?)

The AGF, Mr. Michael Aondoakaa (SAN) you sound like you have someone or some persons to protect. Can you please tell the Nigerian People one case the EFCC has done without the rule of Law?

Your best bet is to resign your position because you look and sound really bad out there in Joe public land. But I will bet my last kobo/cent that you will not do the right thing and resign not until you have disgraced yourself even more. Or less the president fires you before you fatally destroy his remaining reputation.

Armed robbers and hoodlums are destroying people and property in the land, you and Okiro (IG)have no answer nor solution but there you go causing confusion to compromise the only effective law enforcement arm of the government.

Shame on you, Mr. learned man. I thought EFCC is what is called a specialized and professionalized entity, that is established to fight special kind of fraud, why on earth do they need your consent? Mr. AGF, do you know anything about detecting any kind of fraud??


Ostino Eleganzo
Bklyn NY



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