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Date Published: 09/11/11

Stop the Violence and Killing by Frank O. Ijege


Please permit me space in your widely read medium to air my views on the recent killing of innocent Nigerians in different parts of the country. Section 33, of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, guarantees the right to life to all citizens of the federation. The Constitution also state the instances, where this all important right can be denied to a person. Limbs and organs of the body, falls within the ambit of this provision.

The aforestated section of the constitution is provided for, under the heading, fundamental human rights. What then are fundamental human rights? They are simply rights that every individual is entitled to enjoy without any prejudice whatsoever. It therefore behoves on government to ensure that these rights are effectively guaranteed and protected at all time.

However, events in recent time really calls for concern. The right to life and indeed other rights of individuals, are being infringed upon and abused with reckless abandon. Can anyone provide meaningful and justifiable answers to the massive number of people we have lost to avoidable violence in this country? There are indeed so many questions begging for answers.

In the face of all the violence bedevilling our dear country, majority of those at the receiving end are mostly poor Nigerians; Nigerians who are largely overwhelmed with poverty, unemployment, hunger, harsh and ill conceived policies and decisions of goverment. They are the ones usually caught in the web of these violences. Unfortunately, there is hardly any part of this country that has not experienced violence in recent time.

The most troubling thing for me however, is that all these happen while we have a government in power. Government has practically gone to sleep on its responsibility to protect and safeguard the lives of Nigerians. Need i remind government that the security and welfare of Nigerians, is her primary responsibility. Government must offer maximum protection for all citizens. Suffice it to state that this laxity of government, has made Nigeria one of the least secured countries in the world. Government must therefore be alive to its obligation of securing lives and properties, in every part of the fedration.

To our youths and children, and all those engineering these violence and killings, this is an appeal to you. Yes, you may be angry with the way things have been allowed to be in Nigeria. Nonetheless, resort to violence will not help in solving the problems of our beloved country. It will only aggravate sorry situation we are already in. Violence has never been a better option. God bless Nigeria.

Frank O. Ijege,

No. 8, Madaki Crescent, Narayi, Kaduna.

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