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Date Published: 05/24/11

Former Sardauna Province deserves a Ministerial Slot by Aminu Baba Gaji


Former Sardauna Province in Northern Adamawa State unequivocally deserves a ministerial slot this time. It was in 1961, the first and last Premier of Northern Nigeria, Late Sir, Ahmadu Bello urged the inhabitants of the present region to join Nigeria as a republic and whatever a province enjoyed in terms of facilities or political appointments. Since that time when the trusteeship merged with the country, Nigeria, all the promises made have not been kept. A trunk ‘A’ road was to be constructed from Mubi, the capital to Maiduguri and another trunk ‘A’ from Mubi to Yola.

There was to be a hospital, a good secondary school and consistent light and security that will guard against invasion.The explanations and pontifications of the Late Sardauna Sokoto were plausible.

Those ideas of the plebiscite was wholeheartedly accepted by the region and the place which was former northern Cameroun became part of Nigeria.Before Sir, Ahmadu Bello was murdered by coupists in 1966,he had started laying foundation for greater Sardauna Province.In 1918, When this territory was under German control, the aerodrome in Mubi was receiving planes from Europe, East Africa and where Germany had influence in Africa.

Today, the issues are different as the aerodrome has become a farmland. As far as 1967,I use to see trucks leave Gombe to Mubi with grains,cotton,groundnuts and goods,today you cannot ply that road talk more of the trunk ‘A’road from Hong to Mubi to Michika or from Bama to Michika through Gwoza.

Today this place is shadow of its former self.No reasonable industry is established here.Mubi Burnt Bricks which was initiated by the Saleh Michika during the aborted third republic was whittled down by poltics of successors.No political appointment of any nature has been done here.Does it mean we do not have persons who can fit into a ministerial position.All political posts and ministerial placements have always come from one place in present Adamawa State from 1960 to date.

President Jonathan should beam his searchlight on former Sardauna Province,PRESENT Mubi Emirate Council.The Commander-in-Chief should look for the next ministerial material from Adamawa North or these local governments Madagali, Michika,Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha.They have never produced a minister.Ask A.A.Gulak in your office, Your Exellency,he is one of your legal advisers. Confirm from some other mature person from this region.

There are many persons you can relate with and verify this fact.Alhaji Bindo Jibrilla is the new senator representing these five local governments and the largest in terms of population. One of the reasons why this place has been demanding for a state of its own:Amana State is because Yola in particular has been collecting everything allotted this region,be it a Federal parastatal,agency,a ministerial department or ministerial post or something that will improve the lot of the inhabitants of this region.Is it a crime if a Denis Goje or an A.A.Gulak,Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi,Sardauna Michika,Barrister Tapa Sirimtu,Saleh Kinjir,former Governor Boni Haruna,Dr.Tahir Mamman,Brigadier-General Mohammed Buba Marwa[rtd],Alhaji Abubakar Saleh Michika,Professor Ibrahim Bashir,Abdulkarim Albashir,Mr.Yakubu Tsala,[Shettima Mubi,Mr.Paul Wampana,[Zanna Mubi],current Deputy National Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party,North East Zone, Barrister David Barau,Mr S.D.Kwabe,a godly man or Chief Emmanuel Tari Vahyala are or is appointed into ministerial position? One of my younger brothers has a sound mind.In our cross-fertilisation of ideas,he often says, when you see people or persons grumbling they have not being given what they want. He is an apostle of Robert Greene and an avid reader of 48 laws of Power.

It was a surprise amongst the places that erupted in violence; post-presidential elections are Michika and Mubi. It was a surprise because those places never witnessed such volume of barbaric behavior before. Investigations  indicate most those that participated in the mayhem were youth, the unemployed,the young redundant graduates, who had finished universities, polytechnics and colleges without work to do.Michika Animal Feed is not working  to capacity. The School of Health Technology, Michika has not taken off properly. The secondary schools in this former Sardauna Province are not more than glorified primary schools. There is nothing to show here except hijack by armed robbers and ransack by hoodlooms.The Sukur Heritage Site in Galyak has not being given enough publicity to attract tourists who will in turn attract revenue to government coffers.Most of the citizens of former Sardauna Province have migrated to other lands and towns because of poor Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria,poor road network, poor health services and poor security.

We are only remembered when it comes to campaign for votes.This is the time to remember Former Sardauna Province and give us a ministerial slot.This is the time to reward loyalty and patriotism for keeping with the Nigerian unity and togerther,since we came together in 1961.

Aminu Babagaji writes from No.7 Biu Road, Opposite Abubakar Cinema, Gombe, Gombe town, Gombe State, Federal Republic of Nigeria.E-mail

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