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Date Published: 02/21/11

Need to separate the executive and political party authorities by Diokpa Dike Odu


It could described as uncouth, unexpected that someone who is supposed to be a leader of a party could be partisan where he is supposed not to, and losing control where that need not be. Where he is supposed to take specific action he fails. It is high time any ruling party at the federal, state or local government levels stopped allowing the President, the governor or the LG Chairman respectively to be the leader of the particular party. Party affairs should be left to the Party Chairman and his Committees.

Look at what is happening in Ogun State for instance where President Goodluck Jonathan’s godfather, former President Obasanjo is from.  A ruling party could not have a functional House of Assembly and in their recent PDP primaries, conducted two parallel congresses that produced different candidates. The governorship primary was even the worse with an aide President Jonathan (Minister of Commerce, Mr. Martin Kuye), leading a rebellion by heading unrecognized faction that the former President Obasanjo belonged yet that is the one that is taken as authentic. This action alone is ripe enough for the President to sack the Minister but he would not. In Anambra for instance PDP, though not in control of the Executive, has remained unsettled and operates parallel party executives.

Again the President and his Vice had to travel down to their home States to influence the outcome of the governorship primaries. Is it not an irony that the President that supposed to be neutral must have taken side? Absolute power corrupts absolutely; that is what we see today in various parties in Nigeria where the president or the governor or the LG Chairman is the leader of the party. It is dictatorship and autocracy at work. The good advocacy is that Chairman of a Party oversees the Party while the President, the Governor and the LG Chairman oversees the executive governance.

Furthermore, the three levels of governance (Federal, State and Local governments) should be independent of each other. So also it is necessary that the three tiers of governments (the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary) should enjoy autonomous funding and be independently run. An independent Electoral body must conduct unbiased elections that would produce the Executive and the Legislature, while an independent body should be empowered to look over the Judiciary.

Diokpa Dike Odu, Ozomagala Street, ONITSHA, Anambra State

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