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Date Published: 01/29/11


Fraudulent Civil Servants should be probe by Debonnair Zeal

 I wish to lend my views to the issue of some civil servants living above their means. One thing that struck me most is the extent to which civil servants spend their income. More often than not, the pattern of spending of many of them leaves much to be desired. They are involved in the kind of conspicuous consumption that politicians are often accused of .  This is appalling because they are seen as people who are less concerned about saving. More so, the minimum wage of an average civil servant is all too known and cannot be over-emphasized.  Till date,  civil servants are known to be less paid and before one can say “Jack Robinson”, the salary is all spent. This is surprising.  

It will be highly suspicious for a civil servant to live above his/her means when one knows that they all wait eagerly for their monthly salary, so,  there is every tendency that such person should be investigated. It shouldn’t be a crime for EFCC to investigate unquestionable activity by some civil servants, living above their means. How do they get this money? Corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the lives of some civil servants. Nobody is above the law, if indeed that person is clear in his/her dealings, that person will not be scared of being interrogated by EFCC.

From the foregoing,  it will be interesting to investigate a suspected civil servant who has got fleet of cars/property all around the country. This is a job for all the anti-corruption agencies, including the EFCC.

Debonnair Zeal

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