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Date Published: 01/17/11

Corruption Cases: The need for speedy trial before the election by Tersoo Dzever

Rampant corruption threatens Nigerians economic performance. It is pervasive in some of the most vital economic sectors, such as banking, financial services, mining, energy, real estate and infrastructure.


It distorts market forces and allows the well-connected to line their pockets at the expense of the public. Corruption results in huge economic losses due to fraud, theft and waste. Moreover, corruption corrodes critical public institutions, such as the courts, law enforcement and public pension administrations, undermining property rights, public confidence and social stability.

As a result, corruption has dramatically increased Nigeria ’s systemic risks. In addition to dangers to the financial sector, corruption is responsible for numerous environmental, public health and public safety disasters. Widespread abuse of power by the elite has been a big source of tension between the state and its people.

It is said that the voice of the people is the voice of God. But that is for the voices that are heard. What about the unheard voices of the downtrodden, the poor and the needy: the lamentation of the illiterates prejudiced and handicapped masses of our society. Our people are impoverished by lack of infrastructures and education. Yet all efforts made by the EFCC to eradicate corruption are on the verge of being truncated by the judicial style of adjudication in Nigeria . 

As we are in the era of politicking it behooves on the judiciary to expeditiously and judiciously disposed all the corruption cases instituted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC pending in court.

In as much as our politics is characterized by recklessness, selfishness, money laundering, thuggery, anarchy, murder, hatred and nepotism; we must not fold our hands and watch our future and destiny in the hands of political gladiators who has denied the people of the sovereignty that is due them.  These strong men are rotated from one regime to another; One dispensation to another. As they perpetuate the office, they begin to arrogate to themselves the very attributes of God Himself namely: omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

Nobody talks about equality of opportunities for the rich and the poor; equality of opportunities for everyone regardless of where you come from. It is disheartening however, to note that the elites rather instigate the people against themselves and inspire blood shed. And seize the opportunity to steal the mandate of the people through fraudulent elections that are conducted in people’s houses and announced to the world as free and fair. Who is deceiving who?

  May be the elites, because they take advantage of the stolen mandate to silence the people more and more, the populace need to  stand up to the responsibility of fighting for equal right and justice.

Yes! We must fight to claim what belong to us and the only civilized and legal way of doing this is through the court. The onus therefore lies with the judiciary to compliment the doggedness of the EFCC Amazon, Farida Waziri in making sure there is sanity in our system. For us to   reclaim our sovereignty and our country we must unite to fight against those who make it difficult for our children, brothers and sisters to have access to qualitative education in public schools when they themselves are product of same at public expense.

Those who make our people to live in rubles of thatch houses when they build mansions abroad from the money they stole from our public treasury must face the law.


Public affair analyst, writes from JOS

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