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Date Published: 12/06/10

The Gombe-Biu- Mubi Road as the Most Neglected Road in Nigeria.


Whenever I ply the Gombe-Biu-Mubi road either on my way to Michika from Jos or vice-versa I begin to wonder within myself whether Northern Adamawa and Southern Borno is really part of Nigeria. I still begin to ask myself whether we have representatives in the National Assembly in Abuja. Then I still ask myself whether they drive on the same Gombe-Biu-Mubi road or do they come home to Mubi, Michika, Gombi, Hong or even Biu by Helicopter?

This matter has been agitating my mind for a long time. Since 1999, I have been excited that since we are in democracy, the dividend of democracy will eventually trickle down to us the commoners and this road will be fixed at last. It seems I have been mistaken. The Gombe-Biu-Mubi has gone from bad to worst. I dare even say there are some sections one cannot call road since there is no coal tar or sign of any road there. Those who use these roads will bear me witness that at least between Hong and Mararaba-Mubi greater part of the road is simply nothing by jungle path. Likewise road users will still bear me witness that from Biu to Garkida is simply nothing but jungle path. But the worst aspect is from Dadin Kowa Gombe to Biu. The potholes are the size of swimming pools and whenever you drive in the night you end up having punctured tyres or broken exhaust pipes. As for me all the times I have driven on the Mubi-Biu-Gombe road, I have always ended the trip with my car having broken exhaust, broken shocker absorbers and many electrical problems. Even as I am writing this article, my car is laying waste in Michika simply because I travelled the Gombe-Biu-Mubi on Thursday the 18 th of November 2010.

As far as I am concerned, those Senators and House of Representatives members representing the Adamawa north senatorial and Borno south senatorial districts have no use being there in Abuja and should be re-called immediately.

We need better representatives who will ably represent us and bring the case of the Gombe-Biu-Mubi to the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Any politician coming to campaign must be ready to fix this road for us to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

I appeal to the Federal government to please have mercy on us in this part of the country to send FERMA to at least patch the road for us if they cannot re-surface it. We are not even asking for dualisation of the road but just fill the potholes and re-surface it to give us a sense of belonging as being part of Nigeria.

I pray this SOS letter will touch the heart of a compassionate person in government and wipe away our tears.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Iliya Yame Kwache (Dan Lawan)

Writes from Sangere Ward

Bama Road Michika,

Adamawa State

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